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MassRenamer makes it easier to do mass file renaming for a directory. MassRenamer allows replacement (with wildcards), trimming start and end, capitalization, replacing underscores and dashes, and more. It also has an on the fly preview of changes. It is developed in C#/WPF.



Related Projects

Tagada - TagAdA: Tagging Advanced Application

Tagging Advanced Application Take control over your music library! TagAdA lets you manage the tags inside your music files and organize them on your disk, in a nice and intuitive interface. For more information, go to out main contribution website:


nmrename is a commandline massrenaming tool. It can do the usual stuff like deleting/replacing/inserting strings or delete chars by a given position. It can be used in shell scripts.

Renamepix - Mass-rename images in OS X

An app that allows you to open many images and rename them one by one while displaying the image and other information about the image. My main use for it is that I archive numerous pictures online with long random hashes as file names. It is also useful for naming pictures from cameras with a numbered file name system (DSC0000001.jpg).

ffrename - mass-rename your messy fonts folder

mass-rename your messy fonts folder

mass-rename - a quick renaming utility

a quick renaming utility


A small application written in PHP-GTK to quickly mass-rename files on your computer.

Mass-Renamer - Allows you to rename an entire folder with a few commands

Allows you to rename an entire folder with a few commands

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