Marque Web Part

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Marque WebPArt for SharePoint 2010 and MOSS can be used by the enterprise to Display Important rolling announcement, Hot News/Breaking News etc.



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Scripts made by Ricardo Saffi Marques. (Bash-Scripts and Python)

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The MARQues project (Maps Answering Research Questions) is an eResearch development project at Flinders University. The goal of the project is the development a web based system that can be used to put datasets on a map with a focus on answering research questions. The system will be designed to be lightweight and reusable. Please check back here and in the Wiki for updates as the system evolves. The project logo is a mashup of two files (1, 2) sourced from the Open Clip Art Library and used und

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Core privé Remember Online Serveur Privé World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft est une marque déposée de ©Blizzard Entertainment. Repo interdit au public, merci de respecter cette règle, toute tentative de diffusion ou d'obtention de ces sources aura comme résultat la destruction du repo. Merci de votre compréhension Tarshot, Administrateur Remember Online

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DMS ICCAVR PLUG IN FOR ECLIPSE is a project made by Dimitri Marques Silva All rights reserved. Make your software projects in C for ATMEL AVR processors using Eclipse IDE and compile using ICCAVR from ImageCraft.

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Duroty is a service of personal feeds, email management, link management and briefly it will also include electronic calendar and server file indexation.Duroty is addressed to SMEs which need information and knowledge management systems in order to diminish the barrier to the access to information.It uses simple and advanced message searching systems similar to the ones used by Google webs, but it also allows to search in attached files (word, powerpoint, excel, pdf, html, etc.) in addition to t

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