MarkLogic Sample Authoring App for PowerPoint

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The MarkLogic Sample Authoring App for PowerPoint lets authors enrich PowerPoint presentations using Tags, associate and manage metadata with those tags, as well as search and reuse existing tagged components and their metadata in new presentations.



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XQDebug is a browser-based debugger for MarkLogic XQuery applications. It is useful for debugging native XQuery applications, RESTful web services and XQuery code in general. Once you have installed XQDebug on a MarkLogic host, you can connect to any of that host's MarkLogic application servers which will stop all requests to that appserver for debugging. Then from the main XQDebug window you can select the stopped request to debug, view the current expression and variables, view the call stack,

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This project has moved: BoosterBooster is an xquery module which provides an http interface to a portion of the MarkLogic API for administrative tasks. It is intended to reside within the default Admin app server and provide a remotely accessible hook for automated configuration. The current release is booster 0.2. Requires: MarkLogic Server 4.2+ Quick Start1. Install booster.xqy in the Admin app server root [user@host ~]$ scp booster-0.2.xqy root@new-server

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Cache test and MarkLogic Java API investigation

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