Man In The Middle

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A cyberpunk themed action with puzzle and strategy elements. Made with XNA as part of a game development course at the IT University of Copenhagen by Bo Bendtsen, Jonas Flensbak, Daniel Kromand, Jess Rahbek & Darryl Woodford.



Related Projects


Encryption plugin for Pidgin, providing up to 4096 bit RSA encryption using the NSS crypto library from Mozilla. Keys are automatically transmitted and stored, making it very easy to use, but also resistant to man-in-the-middle attacks.

Wireless Attack Toolkit (WAT)

A push-button wireless hacking and Man-in-the-Middle attack toolkit

Scapy-arp-mitm - ARP man-in-the-middle with Scapy

A short Python script that utilizes the Scapy library to perform ARP man-in-the-middle attacks in Local Area Networks. Requires Python 2.x and Scapy. Note: Currently there is a bug in libdnet that prevents Scapy from running on Windows Vista and later versions of Windows.

Borogove - Facebook chat sniffer

DescriptionBorogove is a python script for sniff Facebook chat traffic over the network. It uses the pypcap module and supports Man-In-The-Middle ARP poisoning attacks. Latest version Requirements Python 2.x arpspoof (dsniff suite) dpkt pypcap InstallationUbuntusudo apt-get install python-dpkt python-pypcap dsniffArchLinuxpacman -Sy dsniffinstall AUR packages: dpkt-svn pypcap-svn

Omeglelogger - Omegle Logger

Omegle Logger uses to connect to two different strangers and relays their messages back and forth to each other. You can watch two strangers' conversation, log it and send your own messages into the conversation. Check out the Troubleshooting page if you're having problems. Screenshot:

Mbank-cli - A command line interface to mBank.

mbank-cli provides a rudimentary command line interface to the mBank online banking system. Securitymbank-cli didn't ensure that files (including some of security-sensitive nature, e.g. the cookie jar) are created with secure permissions. Please see the NEWS file for details. It was discovered that mbank-cli did not check if SSL certificate CN matched the host name, making man-in-the-middle attacks feasible. Please upgrade to the 20091208 version (or later). Donationsmbank-cli is free software.

Aeke - Light-weight identity-based client/server.

A light-weight, self-contained, secure login package. It's conceptually similar to SSH, but with the following: - it supports an EKE-like protocol for identity based authentication (see IEEE P1363.3), preventing man-in-the-middle attacks. - the server supports proxying, so the client can connect through any number of aeke servers en route to the final destination. - the client understands the HTTP CONNECT protocol, allowing tunneling through restrictive web proxies. - port-knocking is supported

Azure Table Encryption via Attribute

SSL isn't enough when storing data in the cloud. You need to protect data-at-rest from anyone who has access to your store. In addition your SSL data may be vulnerable to a man-in-the-middle technology or IT shops that inspect and log the SSL contents. Bluecoat is one examp...