Manga to Epub

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Manga to Epub allow you to convert a bunch of images to a single "epub" file, readable on your reader. It handles most of the image types as well as several archives. You have multiple customization options, such as trimming the images in order to remove white borders.



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CloneKeen Plus

This is a fork of Clone Keen. Its consistency has been improved, its code is up to date, and it brings new features. Enjoy it with music and better sounds! Commander Genius is a edition which is partly developed in C++


Organization for Free Software in Education and Teaching. Our goal is to develop free software for education with knowledge sharing as our main concern. We already have developed software as DrGeo, GCompris, DrGenius and the live CD freeduc.


ZipGenius, the free compression utility for Windowsreg; - gone open source.


Genius helps you memorize things. Use Genius to study foreign language phrases, vocabulary words, historical events, legal definitions, formal speeches, marketing points, religious texts--anything you need to memorize!

Nanogenius - NanoGenius

Emulador do antigo Genius para celular

Dbconnectionpool - Genius-Field Database Connection Pool

Genius-Field Database Connection Pool is written in Java. You may view the change logs from our blog.


developpement d'un treeview en code managé (C#)

Linuxgenius - Linux Genius Tablet Project

This projects goal is to provide drivers, libraries, documentation, and tools for use with Genius tablets. This is a formalization and continuation of work done from these sites: Launchpad has the most recent code by far (continues the 0.7 series) Mike from (0.7 series) Miriad's Site (0.6 series also appears to be down now) http://specificcrap.arbitr

The Genius

The Genius is a chess engine that uses AI techniques to play against humans.

G-note-utils - a set of utilities to work with files created by Genius G-Note 7100 tablet

The purpose of this project is to create some utilities that can manipulate .dnt files (UC Logic). This format is used by some Genius and Lapazz products. Its description can be found at Also see for some discussion and perl code. Features: export into svg (combine multiple pages into single html file, future plans) eliminate the need for pressing new page button when writing on a tablet