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A ManageSieve client based on RFC5804 (



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sieve-php is a php class that implements MANAGESIEVE, a means to easily interact with a SIEVE Mail Filtering Server such as Cyrus' timsieved, is a server side mail filter system integrated into Cyrus IMAP.

PHP sieve library

libsieve-php is a library to manage and modify sieve (RFC5228) scripts. It contains a parser for the sieve language (including extensions) and [not yet] a client for the managesieve protocol. It is written entirely in PHP 5.


A pure-ruby library implementing the MANAGESIEVE protocol for remote management of Sieve scripts.

managesieve-cli - Command line client for interacting with ManageSieve servers

Command line client for interacting with ManageSieve servers


A library for php5 that can easily benefit from the managesieve protocol.


Adds a 'Filters' tab to the 'Personal Settings' to allow the user to manage their Sieve mail rules. Switch to the Tags view below to ensure you have the right version for your version of Roundcube.

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