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Small tool for sending mail messages contains multiple attachements with sum size bigger than allowed size. You can drag'n'drop attachments and click send - application split all attachments to parts and sent it separately. There is not address book yet.



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Javablock - building block for java

building block for java Blueprints: jiopi.blueprint.mailsender

Sendfromgmail - A Project which helps programmers to send email using gmail service in Java

This is an API which is used to send Email using GMail service. Programmers have to use only one function of this API to send Email named sendMail. Which contains parameters as user email, password, receiver's address, subject and body. This is first version of this API. I will make some new improvements in this API. Required Libraries: mail.jar get it from For more information visit:

Sea-battle-multimedia - just a web implementation of sea battle game

just a game. To build and deploy an application to a tomcat follow these steps: 1) download project via the svn. 2) edit your maven settings xml - you must create a server element named 'tomcat-standart', or set any other to the pom.xml. 3) edit 'src/main/resources/spring/database/' with and appropriate database parameters 4) one of the following - create a database in your mysql - run this sql script 'src/main/resources/create.sql' (it will create a database, and countries table,

Tivo-monitor - A perl based set of utilites to monitor TiVo units inside a house hold.

FeaturesThis script supports multiple modes and the following functions are able to be achieved: Monitor TiVo for new recordings and notify the user via E-Mail, Twitter, or Both. Monitor TiVo(s) for new recordings and download the recordings in standard MPEG2 container. Future FeaturesConvert the downloaded shows into another format to be used for media devices as iPad, iPod/iPhone, or others. Tag the converted recordings with metadata of the show and insert the converted videos into the iTunes

Cellpost - E-mail Client based on Google Android SDK and SQLite database

This is a little experimental project which main purpose is enable me start, complete and finish my master’s thesis and by the way discover android platform creating useful tool to e-mails management using a mobile phone instead of PC

Mail-Sender - Release history of Mail-Sender

Release history of Mail-Sender

mailSender - A mailSender component

A mailSender component

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