Mag-tools, Asherons Call Decal Plugin

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A small plugin that provides tools to take away some of the burden of playing Asherons Call. Many of the tools are designed to help those who play multiple accounts at once.



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Decal - a plugin framework for Asheron\'s Call

Zyrca's Plugins

Zyrca's Decal Plugins for Asheron's Call


Asheron\'s Call Spawn Collection and Pathfinding Decal Plugin


Inkcut is a program used to send HPGL directly to cutter or plotter from Inkscape. Inkcut is used for sign making, namely cutting vinyl graphics, letters, and decals. It should support any device that uses HPGL.


SkunkWorks: A Decal-based macro platform for Asheron's Call, featuring full ACScript compatibility and much more.


dIRCal is an IRC Client plugin for Decal which uses the existing Asheron's Call chat interface.


Dax AIML allows Alice (A Chatbot that uses AIML) to be run on Asheron's Call (An MMORPG). It uses decal to interface into Asheron's Call.

Insane-Bot Client

The Insane-Bot Client is a Decal plugin that simplifies the task of requesting item banes from an Insane-Bot buff bot in Asheron's Call

Sixth Sense

An Asheron's Call Decal plugin for finding stuff.

Alinco Decal Plugin

Alinco is a Decal Plugin for the game Asheron's Call It's developed in , VS2008

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