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All Submissions you make to Magento, an eBay Inc. company (“Magento”) through GitHub are subject to the following terms and conditions: (1) You grant Magento a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, no charge, royalty free, irrevocable license under your applicable copyrights and patents to reproduce, prepare derivative works of, display, publically perform, sublicense and distribute any feedback, ideas, code, or other information (“Submission”) you submit through GitHub. (2) Your Submission is an original work of authorship and you are the owner or are legally entitled to grant the license stated above. (3) You agree to the Contributor License Agreement found here:



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Magento-plugin - Magento Eclipse Plugin

Magento Eclipse PluginThe Magento Eclipse Plugin provides support of Magento projects for Eclipse based IDE’s: handle Magento instantiate of models, singletons and others by adding code completion to these methods; wizards that help to create initial module structure or extend native Magento module. This plugin extends original Eclipse/PDT one. Releases1.0.2 (16.02.2012) Fixed  Issue 2 : An alert message 'INSTANCE' during module creation 1.0.0 (25.01.2012) Extend Magento Module wizard Fixed  I

Checkoutapp-magento-commerce - Integration of CheckoutApp and Magento Commerce

Development of a module created for Magento Commerce that integrates it as CheckoutApp's webstore. RequirementsOSX 10.5.8 or newer and atleast 1gb Ram CheckoutApp 3.0.0 or greater PHP 5.2.4 or greater on the Magento server. (This will require a working copy of pgsql.dll) pgadmin3 for Mac Static IP for CheckoutApp's server. With open port (5505 and 80). Recent Update- Successfully managed to clone the database onto a remote Unix server and connect with CheckoutApp to manage the store. This remove

Agent-ohm - An optimized fork of Magento

Agent-Ohm is a shopping cart platform focused on speed, extensibility and logical design. The DesignTenets guide the changes done to Magento to bring it up-to-snuff with the larger PHP community's standards. On the right you might see that the site claims the code license is "New BSD". Well, it's not. The code is under OSL v3, per the original Magento. FAQ (now, more than one)1. Should I use Agent Ohm over Magento? When will Agent Ohm be production ready? A. It's ready now. Should you use it? We

Csharlibformagexmlrpcapi - .NET C# Object Library for Magento's XML-RPC API

.NET C# Object Library for Magento's XML-RPC APIWe built a connector for our Magento Targeted Email Marketing Extension. While building this connector we noticed a significant lack of information about how to work with the Magento API on the .NET platform. Our first choice was to use the SOAP API because Visual Studio has wonderful support for SOAP. However, after jumping through many hoops, the best we could do was add the Web Reference but after that it was unusable. Apparently the SOAP API is

Elemental-framework - php mvc framework

Un petit framework qui fonctionne sous le modèle MVC. C'est un framework qui utilise un modèle de vues qui ressemble beaucoup au très sophistiqué modèle de Magento. J'ai tellement aimé le modèle de Magento que j'ai créé un framework qui utilise le même principe de blocs et de réutilisation d'images entre différents thèmes. Ce modèle est très bien quand on doit traduire un site dans plusieurs langues. Même si le framwork n'est pas mature il est suffisamment stable et est en produc

Inmobishop - e-coomerce site basado en OsCommerce. Mejorado: TODO CSS, las tablas no se usan mas. Im

Aplicacion de e-comerce, basada en el famoso OsCommerce. Es solo un catalogo. No tiene carrito de compras. En un comienzo fue creada conla idea de ser usado solo para inmobiliarias. Pero la utilidad del Inmobishop puede ir muchisimo mas alla. Inmobishop has 2 important things that makes the difference with OsCommerce: 1- CSS based: It has no tables. All Div's, UL, and I have in mind some better updates in future. 2- Backend: Home Page products are selected in backend. Header, and footer are mana

Projectocolibri - Projecto Colibri API

O "Projecto Colibri" é um Software multi-plataforma de Gestão Comercial, desenvolvido em JAVA, criado através do uso das tecnologias mais recentes e dispõe de um leque de capacidades muito interessantes. É um software que aborda as principais necessidades da área comercial de uma pequena e média empresa, fazendo o controlo de compras, vendas, stocks e contas correntes. Conta com um moderno e intuitivo interface optimizado para utilização via teclado. The "Hummingbird Project" is a multi

Magento-gdocs - Magento module to connect with Google Spreadsheet

This is a work in progress fora module that allows to import and export simple products for Magento<->Google Spreadsheet. Magento is a popular PHP E-Commerce solution. Right now the module "generally works". There are still performance issues and more testing to be done. It was developed 1.2 series, but should work with 1.3 as well. If you wish to help (please do), contact me.

Magento-w2p - Magento extension for ZetaPrints web-to-print API

Magento is an open source e-commerce platform. It can be used as an online shop for selling personalized products and designs using ZetaPrints web-to-print and image generation API. The extension syncs the data between the two apps in a way that all processes are hosted within Magento interface, even if they are executed by ZetaPrints. Read full web-to-print software overview for more details. This extension can be installed manually or as a package from Magento website. Either way you need to f

Retailbackend - Retailer Backend for Magento

Notice: Work has been put on hold indefinitely. I will not be assisting people with setting the RBE up on their website. If you are interested in developing this further, then feel free to email me for assistance. Otherwise, I will probably not respond :) A solution to Magento's lack of store-based permissions for backend users in the community edition. This project is intended to develop a backend for Magento that will allow restriction by website for backend users. An example of this is severa