Mail Gateway Service

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Mail gataway service provide a simple user interface makes it easy to manage, read, write and aggregate different mail accounts (for example IMAP from GMail). Magas support different mail protocols such as IMAP, POP3 include SSL accounts. Magas it's developed in C#.



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ImapGmail - an improved module over python's imaplib to adapt to the working of gmail

an improved module over python's imaplib to adapt to the working of gmail

IMAP-Tools - Python imaplib & BODYSTRUCTURE parser

Python imaplib & BODYSTRUCTURE parser


(Deprecated) library to provide access to Gmail via Python. We strongly encourage you to use Gmail's new IMAP interface and Python's imaplib instead.


MailNotify - A Simple utility to notify new mail arrivals.


InterIMAP is a IMAP client library written in C# for .NET 2.0. Current features include: Support for SSL connections, listing folder contents, complete object model, exporting folder lists and messages as XML. The original code was written by Rohit Joshi and can be found, along


Library that adds support for the IDLE IMAP4 extensions to python imaplib module in the standard library

pyvmomi-community-samples - A place for community contributed samples for the pyVmomi library.

* Sample Ownership and Copyright Licenses * the community creates the samples and the project retains ownership of the samples * the community curates the samples and licenses the samples under the project license * all samples are distributed under the root project license * A copyright line may be added if you contribute a change of more than 10 lines* Writing good samples: * A good sample shows how to do one thing and only one thing at a time. * A good sample follows good and co


In your wedding, flowers will perish, the cake will be eaten but what's left with you for years to come is the wedding album. Thus wedding photographing is something you can invest a little bit in. Moreover, having a professional wedding photographer will make everything a lot easier. When the time comes to select a professional wedding photographer for your special day, there are various elements to consider that will greatly affect the outcome. 1. Professional photographers already have inten

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malarm - Good night & Good-morning with your favorite tunes (Android app)


Recently many users should have the of Air Jordan 4 black red color, in the nets to Nick game of Jay - Z and wife beyonce sat out Sunday night watch the city <strong><a href="">cool grey 9</a></strong>game of course should be concerned with the hip-hop heavenly Kings of the real Lou, camouflage work pants match Air Jordan "Bred" actual appear effect is good, Jay - Z real the wear take a l - examples of good to very good contract clauses

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Good day sir, I said good day sir!

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good good study day day up


Diagrammer for .Net Assemblies, also support for Javascript. Good for assembly dependencies. Good for showing the call graph in complex methods. Good for showing the jumps in IL. Good for getting an overview of where the complex parts of a system are.

FunkySlide - A LibGDX puzzle game. The code for Android and Desktop versions.

FunkySlide is a simple puzzle game, where you have a 4x4 board with 15 elements (Christmas presents). There are 3 types of presents: 1. Good presents, which you through to the Santa's sack (beneath the board) 2. Bad presents. You have get rid of them. 3. Bombs, which help you to get rid of bad presents.Also you've got snow piles which you can't move but can destroy with bombs. The rules are simple: save all good presents from bombs and put them to the sack. With every destroyed good present you

vim-easyclip - Simplified clipboard functionality for Vim

Author: [Steve Vermeulen] (, based on work by [Max Brunsfeld] ( good starting point for the motivation behind this Vim plugin can be found in Drew Neil's post [Registers: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Parts](

latex-templates - Community-driven minimalist LaTeX templates presented with Python/Jinja2.

[btford/write-good][write-good] is a native linter for English proseand works well on LaTeX documents.If `write-good` is installed, the Makefile's in this project will outputa list of warnings and tips for improving writing afterbuilding the LaTeX documents.


These are my solutions to the problems from "Javascript the Good Parts" Pluralsight course Authored by: Douglas Crockford available at Javascript the Good Parts