Mac Address Changer

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It's a quite and easy tool to change your mac address



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Makchanger - Graphical interface for macchanger

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Aircrack-ng-bash-script - This is a script to easily use the Aircrack-ng suite to test your Wi-Fi Ac

The Aircrack-ng BASH Script project is meant to run on multiple Linux distro's with little effort, setup, knowledge of Linux and Aircrack-ng to test your networks security. To use this script to the fullest extent you must have these programs installed: Aircrack-ng, Kismet, Macchanger, and Xterm. This script was only made to crack WEP Encryption and WPA MAY be implemented into future releases. On how to use the script, please visit the Wiki tab. This script was tested on a Ubuntu 8.10 and 9.04 s

Bashwep - BashWEP

automates pentesting of WEP encrypted networks. This script is meant to be run in Backtrack 4 but will work in other Linux distros IF (konsole, aircrack-ng suite, macchanger) are installed

OSWAX Wireless Assistant

OSWAX means Ozroc's Stupid Wireless Assistant (now X supported!!!). It's an console-based assistant (X as an option) for Wireless Networks allowing the generation of connection scripts, supporting Macchanger and many other features.

Fern-wifi-cracker - Fern wifi cracker for wireless penetration testing

Wireless security auditing application Fern Wifi Cracker 1.5 is available, download fern 1.2 then update to 1.5 by using the update download button This is a wireless security auditing application that is written in python and uses python-qt4. This application uses the aircrack-ng suite of tools. It should work on any version of linux running the following: Requirements: python python-qt4 macchanger aircrack-ng xterm subversion For Slax Distributions, download the zipped module package on the do

Jasagerpwn - Jasager attack vector script for BackTrack 5 and Ubuntu.

Disclaimer: This script is intended for LEGAL purposes ONLY. By downloading the following material you agree that the intended use of the previously mentioned is for LEGAL and NON-MALICIOUS purposes ONLY. This means while gaining client side exploits, you have the correct documentation and permissions to do so in accordance with all US and International laws and regulations. Nor I nor any associates at Hak5 condone misuse of this script or its features. This script is going to assume your using

Wepbuster - Automated WEP cracking and word list generator for WPA brute force attack

WEPBuster 1.0if something's insecure in your wifihood... This small utility was written for information security professional toaid in conducting Wireless Security Assessment. The script executes various programs included in the aircrack-ng suite - a set of tools for auditing wireless networks, in order to obtain the WEP encryption key ofa wireless access point. WEPBuster also has a wordlist generator which can be used in creating "dictionary" files for WPA Pre-Shared Keycracking and for other r

Grimwepa - WEP and WPA Password Cracker

GRIM WEPA was written in Java and is intended for use with the Linux Operating System (specifically the Backtrack 4 distribution). GrimWepa 1.1 has been translated for Português-Brasil users. It is available in the downloads section. UpdateGRIM WEPA is no longer being supportedGRIM WEPA is on an indefinite hiatus while I work on other projects. Please use Wifite instead of GRIM WEPA. Wifite is a newer wifi cracker with more functionality and stability than GRIM WEPA. Wifite is available here: h

Aircrackgui-m4 - GUI for monitor wireless. Front-end of Aircrack-ng suite.

Aircrack-GUI-M4 VersionThe ultimate GUI for aircrack-ng and wireless toolsTo execute the program, just decompress the packet, and execute FROM THE PROGRAM FOLDER (i.e: open terminal, cd PROGRAM_FOLDER, sudo ./ 1.1.0 RC WILL BE RELEASED BEFORE END OF MAY 2012LATEST VERSION:[{-]1.0.0 BETA 2 -ULTIMATE EDITION-[-}] [*CHANGELOG*]1.0.0 BETA 2 -ULTIMATE EDITION-*******************************************[thx to USUARIONUEVO for feed-back) (

macchanger-fork - Fork of the macchanger project - to develop new functionality

Fork of the macchanger project - to develop new functionality