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An interactive information system to reduce time and management, and appeal more to customers wanting different experiences. It is about cutting redundant costs and placing the experienced individuals at positions that are more effective.




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ChibiOS/RT free embedded RTOS

ChibiOS/RT is a free and efficient RTOS designed for deeply embedded applications. It offers a comprehensive set of kernel primitives and supports many architectures: ARM7, Cortex-M0, Cortex-M3, Cortex-M4, PowerPC e200z, STM8, AVR, MSP430, ColdFire, H8S, x86.

QP Active Object (Actor) Frameworks

Event-driven, RTOS-like, active object frameworks for microcontrollers


Systems Biology and Evolution Toolbox (SBEToolbox).

FreeRTOS Real Time Kernel (RTOS)

Market leading real time kernel for 32 microcontroller architectures


A7ZOOM FORUM A7ZOOM.TK Link download source, code, scrip, phần m�m, ứng dụng ... tại link: http://code.google.com/p/a7-zoom/downloads/list

Python-realbook - High quality music score drawing library written in python

python-realbook librarypython-realbook is an high quality music score drawing library for creating Real Book style sheet music. It uses Cairo as drawing backend. FeaturesHigh quality score drawing Realbook-style chord writing Support: node, chords, symbols irealbook:// format parser (http://irealbook.net/) To do: Code cleanup Add documentation and examples irealbook parser debugging Writing notes support ExamplesA simple scoreimport cairofrom realbook import MusicScore# Create a new MusicScoresc

Carcassonne-2011-m1p7 - board game named Carcassonne


Dotsearch - a site search engine for discuz,phpcms,phpwind,dedecms,ecms,dvbbs ...

a site search engine for discuz,phpcms,phpwind,dedecms,ecms,dvbbs ... the svn password is bs7pj4Cy4vM2

M2settings - An interface to configure Maven 2

I find hard to configure maven via the settings file, and would appreciate a wizard for this. This project aims at answering this. It is a GUI to configure ~/.m2/settings.xml The latest version (0.7) is a beta release, but offers a full range of Features. The next versions might evolve as a plugin for your favorite IDE.