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M3 Cms is a lightweight content management system built on the ASP.NET MVC 4.0 framework. Uses SQLCE database and nHibernate+ActiveRecord framework.




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197website - An open source class website.

Welcome to 197website Project's homepageWhat's 197website?197website is a fully functional CMS (Content Managing System) for a class in school. It is easy to use and manage. It's there a demo?See here for a demo. It's using by my class. Who's writing this?My name is Chih-Wei Fang. I'm a junior high student. It's full of Chinese! Where's English?It's base structure is bad to do i18n (internationalization). So I'm writing a ner version that's better to do i18n. Download Time!Stable-Version197websi

Mframework - Framework (MVC) PHP = Doctrine + Smarty

mFramework es un framework para el desarrollo de aplicaciones web en PHP 5. Permite la reutilización máxima del código fuente y puede acelerar significativamente el proceso de desarrollo. El nombre mFramework es la unión de la inicial del nombre del autor (Mauro) y Framework. mFramework es fácil de aprender y usar. Sólo es necesario saber PHP y la programación orientada a objetos. Usted solo estará obligado a aprender un lenguaje para plantillas (smarty). mFramework es extremadamente rá

Workspaceat - Workspace@ Engine

Workspace@ Engine - New generation of intelligent content management systemW@E is new CMS system, built on my past work with other CMS systems. On this project I'm working for now over 1 year. ( Documentation, design and rest of things take me over 9 months. ) With this system, I'm trying to eliminate all things that I consider "it can be better" + with a few ( approx. 80 ) new things which I didn't saw on net for now ( or I'm blind lol ). That 80 things you'll not be able to see until I finish

Wordpress-wordtrainer - The WordPress plugin built for one thing only: teaching words

I don't know how this will work out, but here goes anyway. I'm going to use WordPress as a base to make a word trainer. My initial target is the grandchild of a friend of mine who is disabled. Instead of using a custom system, I'm going to use WordPress for a number of reasons: 1. Time. I haven't got the time to create a system from scratch. 2. WordPress has it all. An entry hierarchy, userbase and an image uploader, that's basically what I need. 3. Put myself to the test. I've been studying Wor

Nukeviet-music - The Professional Module Music For Nukeviet 3.x

NUKEVIET-MUSICNukeViet 3.4 CMSNukeViet là má»™t hệ quản trị ná»™i dung (Content Management System - CMS) cho phép bạn quản lý các cổng thông tin Ä‘iện tá»­ trên Internet. Nói Ä‘Æ¡n giản, NukeViet giống nhÆ° má»™t phần má»�m giúp bạn xây dá»±ng và vận hành các trang web của mình má»™t cách dá»… dàng nhất. Module MusicMá»™t module của NukeViet 3.4. Vá»›i nhiá»�u tính năng giúp bạn nhanh chóng tạo ra má»™t website nghe nhạc chuyên nghiệp. Má

Mforge - An web application framework based on a small core extended by modules to provide both low

mForge fills the gap between low level component based web frameworks and full fledged CMS system by providing a small core extended by modules providing both low level and high level functionality. Requirements PHP 5.3 A rewrite engine like mod_rewrite for Apache Core features Support for modules (with "Dependency Injected" dependencies) Support for multiple apps running on the same code base (with separate templates and configurations) Sinatra-inspired routing ASP MVC-influenced model binding

Mojopage - A simple ContentManagementFramework

What is MojoPageSomething in between a CMS and a framework wich manages and prepares the content for your webpage. It's designed fully objectorientated in PHP with main considerence on the following points: flexibility performance clearly arranged object-orientated-design Software requirementsAPACHE Webserver (or equal) http://httpd.apache.org/download.cgi PHP 5.2 or higher http://php.net/downloads.php activated and installed "mod_rewrite" module (or equal) http://httpd.apache.org/docs/1.3/mod/m

Vieboard 3 SQL Server

Vieboard 3 MSSQL Server Edition. Vieboard is an ASP 3.0 CMS application. writen by Cuong Ngo (2004) www.vieboard.com, www.oopnuke.com Original project canceled at 2004. I'm trying to develop vieboard 3 for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 (Not tested on other MSSQL versions) I'...

Wordpress-custom-content-type-manager - Turns WordPress 3.x into a Content Management System

OverviewThis plugin was created in part for the book WordPress 3 Plugin Development Essentials published by Packt Publishing. The Custom Content Type Manager (or CCTM) plugin allows WordPress 3.x users to create, extend, and manage custom content types (a.k.a. post types) and their fields like a true CMS. You can define and standardize custom fields for any content type, including checkboxes, textareas, and dropdowns. Developers can also create their own types of fields. Custom fields can be add