pGenerator - Password Generator jQuery Plugin

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jQuery plugin which generates strong passwords by clicking a DOM element.



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Password Generator

Password Generator takes the guesswork out of creating secure completely randomized passwords. It creates a password from a customizable character set and a user defined password length.

Entry-Level C# Password Generator

The Entry-Level C# Password Generator is a piece of software written for two purposes. To be kept as simple as possible for newcomers to the langauge to understand how to use the language and to help people make a new secure password for themselves.

WP-PGenerator - Windows Phone C# Password Generator

Windows Phone C# Password Generator

Very Simple Password Generator

Simple password generator which has over 10,000 words and can do the following Capitilise the 1st letter Include random no Specify minimum length of word Use special charaters as part of the password. Reverse the password for greater strength.

Gnome Password Generator

Gnome Password Generator is a GUI based secure password generator.

KeypItSafe Password Vault

KeypItSafe Password Vault Easily and safely store your website passwords on your computer - or go mobile in just a few clicks! What is KeypItSafe? KeypItSafe is a free open source password manager that helps you store and manage all of your passwords securely on your ...

Cyberx Password Generator

Cyberx Password Generator Pro is a GUI based simple and portable password generator. Features: Pronounceable/Random password generator; Logical distribution of characters; Avoid repetition of the same character in the password; etc.

Titan - Command line password manager

Titan is a command line password manager. Titan uses OpenSSL library to perform the encryption. AES encryption is used with 256 bit keys. Password database is also protected from tampering by using a keyed-hash message autentication code (HMAC). Unique, cryptographically random initialization vector is used during the encryption. New initialization vector is generated each time the password database is encrypted.


jQuery plugin that generate password with digits and/or letters and/or special chars. May be set the length of password.


The WP Password Generator plugin takes the hassle out of creating new WordPress users by generating random, secure passwords with one click.

phpass - PHP Password Library: Easy, secure password management for PHP

PHP Password Library: Easy, secure password management for PHP

entropy-mnemonics - Human readable entropy.

mnemonics is a golang package that converts byte slices into human-friendly phrases. The primary purpose is to assist with the generation of cryptographically secure passwords. The threshold for a cryptographically secure password is between 128 and 256 bits, which when converted to base64 is 22-43 random characters. Random characters are both difficult to remember and subject to error when spoken or written down; slurring or sloppy handwriting can make it difficult to recover a password.These considerations may seem strange to those who use password managers; why write down the password at all? The answer is: healthy paranoia. Retaining a physical copy of a password protects the user from disk failure and malware.

Simple and Plain Password Generator

Password Generator is a simple tool to generate random password. User can specify Upper Case, Lower case, Numeric, Special Character and Length as requirements for the password. It's developed in C#.

xkcd-password - A password generator inspired by the xkcd password spec:

A password generator inspired by the xkcd password spec:

xkcd-pwgen - XKCD Password Generator (fork of

XKCD Password Generator (fork of