Lua For Irony

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Project to define the Lua language using the Irony ( development kit. This work is based heavily on the work done for VSLua ( At present the project is just experimental and has no functional artifacts.



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Ironlua - IronLua is a Lua compiler targeting the DLR

IronLua, a Lua compiler for .net/Mono, is the result of my playings with Irony and the DLR.

PGIrony - Tookit & Examples for AST Generation with Irony

A tool-kit to ease AST generation,, and further ease grammr construction, with Irony.

Oklahoma - Open Source TOAD clone.

TOAD (, the well known Oracle DBA/development tool, is widely used but expensive. The goal of Project Oklahoma is to build a free and open source TOAD replacement. Project Oklahoma is written in Microsoft C# (.net framework version 3.5), and uses the Irony .net compiler and Oracle ODP for data access.

Simple Expression Evaluator

An expression evaluator based on the parser toolkit.

Recursive-ascent - YaccConstructor project repository

YaccConstructorYaccConstructor is a modular tool for parser construction and grammars processing. Also it is a framework for research and development of parser generators, compilers compilers and other grammarware for .NET. YaccConstructor mostly implemented in F#. Short name is YC. List of modulesFrontends YARD frontend FsYacc frontend Irony frontend ANTLR frontend Backends Recursive-ascent parser generator for F# GNESCC FParsec printer YARD printer FsYacc printer RNGLR ResearchesYaccConstructo

Xbmcupdate - Update Client for XBMC

About XBMCUpdateXBMCUpdate is the Fully Automated Update Client for XBMC FeaturesAutomatically Downloads, Extracts and Installs the latest community builds or XBMC. New builds are provided up to few time a day. Configurable to do an update without any user interaction and exit upon completion Configurable to automatically shutdown XBMC prior to update installation Configurable to automatically start XBMC after a successful update installation Can automatically update itself. Think of the irony i

Jigsaw-library - A C# library for programming language tools

About JigsawJigsaw is a C# library that makes building programming language tools easier. For example parsers, interpreters, translators, validators, type-checkers, pretty-printers, and so on. At the heart of Jigsaw is a PEG PackRat parsing engine. In other words it is a recursive descent parser which uses memoization. This parsing engine is the evolution of the parsing engines used in Heron and Cat programming languages. Included with Jigsaw are classes which facilitate writing evaluators, pret

Tuluat - User Accceptance Testing Automation with a DSL for Web Applications

User Acceptance Testing Automation with a DSL for Web ApplicationsIn short, Tuluat aims its users to be able to write English-like statements to test a website. Project will be using mainly .NET Framework technologies. How It's Done?Nothings done yet. But it will be done like this: Users enter to a Windows application (Tuluat), their english-like statements (Tuluat DSL - TuDSL) which is in fact describes a user acceptance test for a website. Then again by using Tuluat they execute their tests an

Jagster - Judiciously Arranged Global Search-Term Evaluative Ranker

#JAGSTER: Judiciously Arranged Global Search-Term Evaluative Ranker IntroductionIf you've arrived at this page, no doubt you have been reading Robert J Sawer's WWW Trilogy. My brother got me this book for Christmas we inspired me to buy the domain name and redirect to this page. ..and yes, I realize the irony of using google code to create a potential competitor for google :-) DetailsJAGSTER is an open source search engine imagined b