Lsl-code - Various code from my second life products

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Various code from my second life products Created with the assistance of: A Bimbo's Guide To A Portable LSL Scripting Environment



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Lsl-highlighter - linden script languages markup and reference link creat tool via javascript.

This is LSL(Linden Script Language) MarkUp Library. You may display your LSL code in your blog easiry. Also this Lib create reference link. LSL beginer can study easy. please take moment to upload codes and more description..

Javascript2lsl - Automated Translation of Javascript to LSL

This project has the lofty ambition of translating Javascript into LSL; it may extend to other languages. It was originally started to help the project owner translate an Eliza bot into LSL (and he was too lazy to copy/paste the rather large arrays needed).

Pygments-lsl-lexer - Pygments LSL Lexer

DescriptionThis is a simple addon for the opensource project: pygments. Pygments is a syntax highlighter written in python. Pygments supports a lot of programming/scripting languages... but it still doesn't support LSL yet. Therefore I decided to code it myself. I thought it would be useful to all SecondLife citizens. All honest opinion are welcome! Examplefrom pygments import highlightimport LSLLexerfrom pygments.formatters import HtmlFormatterhighlight(lsl_code, LSLLexer(), HtmlFormatter(linen

Secondlife2java - Call java methods over the Internet, intended for use with Second Life.

The server runs and calls methods that are specially created to take String paramters, as the target calling system, Second Life, does not support object oriented design in its built in scripting language, LSL. Early ReleasesThe main library (As a BlueJ Project) is SecondLife2 1-15-07 and a featured download on the right The main testing code is GPL Licensed and available on the download page as SL_MBCS 1-15-07 The Second Life LSL code can also be found in the download se

Uhu - A collection of glue code used to tie various projects and applications together

Originally developed to function as glue code between LSL and Second Life-centric web apps, UHU has gone through 4 "major" revisions where it can be separated into generic "components", and application-specific code which uses the "components" SVN also contains some non-UHU projects.

Linden-scripting-libraries - A Collection of Open Source Code for Second Life Using Linden Scripting

This project is a collection of scripts and such that may be useful for people scripting in Second Life. Second Life, Linden Scripting Language and LSL, are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc.

Prim dot Blender (Prim.Blender)

A tool written for the Blender API in the Python Language for Second Life primitives. All code is 100% original. Second Life and LSL are the property of Linden Lab. Blender is the property of the Blender Foundation. No infringement is intended.

Uhu-6 - PHP5 Codebase, straight from Marv's brain!

PreambleWhat started out as a bunch of "glue code", initially aiding communication between the LSL scripting platform and an external web server eventually morphed into a codebase for applications that were made possible by the exchange of data between Second Life and the outside world- though the majority of the code for UHU-4 and UHU-5 never saw the light of a public SVN repository. UHU-6UHU-6 is written from scratch for PHP 5.3 Namespaces. Late static binding. These things won't work in versi

Lsl Plus

Lsl Plus is an edit/compile/test environment for the Linden Scripting Language (LSL), implemented as an Eclipse plug-in.