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A Scripting Language Interpreter for .NET



Related Projects


A wrapper library for the HTML5 Filesystem API what reuses UNIX commands (cp, mv, ls) for its API.

Grassroots DICOM

Cross-platform DICOM implementation


lsfs -- parser from quot;ls -lRquot; to FUSE filesystem

Wjcdx-ll - ls -l

Listing files as a list, implemented by ls -l.

ls-- - ls on steroids

ls on steroids

CharLS, a JPEG-LS library

An optimized implementation of the JPEG-LS standard for lossless and near-lossless image compression. JPEG-LS is a low-complexity standard that matches JPEG 2000 compression ratios. In terms of speed, CharLS outperforms open source and commercial JPEG LS implementations.

Jglob - JGlob

Glob (UNIX file matching) for Java well known as search with wildcards. Simple example: import jglob.JGlob;JGlob glob = new JGlob();String[] ls = glob.glob("../*.???");for(fn in ls){ System.out.println(fn);}

Sh4j - Embedded DSL for Java that allows to use shell-like syntax for working with the filesystem

This is a tiny project to demonstrate and explore the abilities of eDSLs. Basically, what we want to do is to allow to write something like that for (File f : ls "." | grep ".*pdf") {// do something with f}or ls "/tmp" | grep ".*txt" > "/tmp/fileslist"DSL is created using JetBrains MPS. DetailsWe are introducing several commands and operations. For simplicity, all commands are performed synchronously. Commands1. ls ls [path:expression of type string]Expands into Iterable<File> containing childre

Getsubs - Automatically Downloads subtitles

Example usage: $ lsShowname.S01E01.avi$ getsubs Showname.S01E01.avi # some search/download from the web happens here$ lsShowname.S01E01.aviShow name -