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Lord of Ultima helper suite.




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Loof78-lou-utils - information and code related to creating utilities for LoU (Lord of Ultima)

placeholder project for sharing information, code, and so forth related to creating extensions and tools for EA/phenomic's browser game Lord of Ultima.

Lou-tools-empire - LoU Tools Empire Viewer

This project is no longer being developed.As most of us have stopped playing the game, we're unable to continue development. (You might have noticed things have been a bit quiet for a while now!) I'm sorry to those of you who still use it, but we don't have the time to dedicate to maintaining the project any more. Welcome to the LoU Tools Empire Viewer code site. Although this tool is still in the alpha testing phase, there is already a lot of handy things you can do. Featuresview which and for

Cpsc670project - Answering Relationship Queries from Web

This is project implementation for IR course. -- Use google api to fetch the results of the queries. -- Stemming on the results -- Do some pre-processing on the data received using lucene. -- Implementation of relationship similarity as presented by Gang Lou et al. -- Improvement/Extension on the implementation. -- clustering of the results to be more meaningful. -- improvement on the similarity function.

Lpcvd - A Class Library for CVD Simulation

IntroductionDocumentOther ResourcesRelated Publications IntroductionLPCVD is class library for simulation of the dynamics of thin film surface profile in Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) process. Key elements include: Classes enable dynamic system simulation and controller design Utilities for data analysis Stochastic PDE model for surface dynamics PDE model for gas phase transfer phenomena Kinetic Monte Carlo Model of surface dynamics Model predictive controller The rest of this section gives mo

Enkf-nssl-commas - Non-hydrostatic atmospheric model and radar data assimilation system for convecti

The COllaborative Model for Multiscale Atmospheric Simulation (e.g., COMMAS) has been primarily developed over the last 20 years by Drs. Lou Wicker and Ted Mansell at the NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory in Norman OK. The code is a non-hydrostatic atmospheric model built to study supercell thunderstorms in realtively simple (usually homogenous) environments. The code has its roots in the original Klemp-Wilhelmson cloud model built at NCAR and the Univ. of IL in the late 1970s. Originally c

Ilouyou - www.iLouYou.com

iLouYou.com source code

Lou-mapinfo - Manipulate data from LoU and generate reports

Manipulate data directly from Lord Of Ultima Current Version: 4.5.1 ChangeLog - Upcomming Features - Screenshots LoU Map Info Online Beta A couple months ago, I made a tool that took data from http://www.lou-map.com/ and use it to make summary reports about people, alliance and continent. You could also see all the lawless cities in one click and some useful info about shrines. Since the Forge Of Virtue update, they incorporated a map with the game, so lou-map.com started to update less and less