Log Viewer

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This project is a winforms application that helps you view various server log files. There are many applications that do the same work, but I wanted to create an extensible log viewer that allowed the user to control what they were viewing.




Related Projects

Apache Chainsaw - GUI log viewer.

Apache Chainsaw is a GUI log viewer.


LogViewer is a MS Windows .NET application that display logging datas. It's like the unix 'tail'. It can read a file or listenning over a TCP socket. Use regulars expressions to Hide, Rewrite, Colorize lines of log. Have a look at Screenshots section.

Sentinel - Log Viewer

Sentinel is a log-viewer (implemented in WPF) with configurable filtering and highlighting (foreground/background colours). A classification system allows messages to be parsed and recomposed prior to display. Includes support for being a log4net UDP Appender target.

Logview-web - Simple webapplication to view logfiles online

Simple webapplication to view logfiles online. This web application is a development tool, as well as a tracing and debugging tool. Only configured files can be seen initially. Security can be tightened using features in application server.


Windows tail program and log file analyzer.

Zmaj - Linux administration throughout the web.

AJAX web application for adminstrating Your Linux system. It's written in Python (using Django) and JavaScript (using MochiKit).Currently 4 modules are started, and partialy completed:   1. File Browser   2. Service Management   3. User Management   4. LogviewIt's intended to be a Python replacement for Webmin.You need Django 0.95 for this application to work, and it must be started by the root user. (For now, there is no authentication).

SQL Bandwidth Meter Log Parser

Parses the log files created by the Hosts Tools SQL Bandwidth Meter application

Logview - A Qt-based log viewer for Python's standard logging package

OverviewThis project provides a viewer for logging output produced by Python programs using its standard library's logging package and sending logging events to TCP, UDP and ZeroMQ PUB sockets. Screenshot: InstallationThis application has dependencies on Qt4/PyQt4 (required) and ZeroMQ/pyzmq (optional). None of the dependencies are easily installable, so a source distribution is provided (for use where you have Qt4 and PyQt4, and optionally ZeroMQ and pyzmq, already installed), and a set of bina

LogView4j Log4J Event Viewer

LogView4J is a Java Swing Log4J socket listener GUI that makes application debugging simple. It has an intuitive user interface and is designed from the ground up for use of use, speed and stability, with features specifically tailored for Java developer