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Object: 1,Send windows's event log to a sql server db. 2,Send event log information to who want to monitor. 3,Browse the event log. Programming language: C#.




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Log-summarizer - pattern extraction and search in log file.

It is a handy tool to study the patterns in the log file. It indexes the file and allows to find patterns.

Meotail - An efficient cross-platform tail client built in Java

mEoTailWhat is it?Built in Java, MeoTail is a low CPU log monitoring utility that can work across supported Java platforms. Currently, multiple files can be viewed and monitored using the built-in MDI. Additionally, console mode is also supported. It is compatible with the upcoming JDK7. How do I get it?mEoTail is in active development and frequent updates are being posted to subversion. To get the latest development release, click on 'Source' above and follow the instructions there.

Log4tailer - Not just a simple log tailer

This Project has been moved to http://bitbucket.org/jordilin/alertaIntroductionThis project aims to provide a different approach to traditional log tailers. Amongst other features: Multitailing capability. It can tail multiple logs at a time Colors for every level: warn, info, debug, error and fatal Emphasize multiple targets (log traces) given regular expressions Follow log upon truncation by default User defined colors for each level Silent (daemonized) mode Throttling mode. Slow down the info

Witspirit - Java apps, utilities and experiments by witspirit

This project hosts several of my home-brew Java software projects. I just code for fun, so expect a wide variety of small apps. Some may be of use/interest to a broader audience, like the SudokuSolver or FlickrStore (which is great, but a pain to maintain). Some of the apps were written for a specific goal and thus are interesting and functional, but often tailored to a very specific use-case (LogMonitor, PacketDistributor, ZF Prijslijst Beheer). The remainder of the apps are just-for-fun mini-a

Nlogmonitor - NLogMonitor

NLogMonitor is a program which read logs files and proccess error lines and save this line to a database

Kissview - Kissview takes in a Apache logfile(ASCII or Gzipped) and produces a static HTML file cont

What is kissview?kissview is an ultrasimple yet powerful webserver log analysis tool. The rationale behind this tool is to output simple visualizations gleaned from an HTTP logfile. This tool is nowhere as feature-rich as compared to the power of awstats and neither intended to be. Thus the name kissview (Keep it Simple, Stupid Viewer). Kissview takes in a Apache logfile(ASCII or Gzipped) and produces a static HTML file containing visualizations written using Google Visualization APIs. It tries

Log-Monitor - First Erlang test program

First Erlang test program

log_monitor - distribute log monitor

distribute log monitor

LogMonitor - Monitoring log files on windows systems.

Monitoring log files on windows systems.