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A web-based inventory management system.




Related Projects


Library of functions to estimate the items and abilities from the responses of subjects to a questionnaire. The IRT models supported are the logistic model, the multivariate logistic model, the graded model and smoothing by penalization and kernel.


Ecclesia is an Android project for Wake-on-SMS. Android application automatically posts form through browser upon receiving SMS. Ideal for industries which require on-the-go orders e.g. logistics.

JStreaMon - Java Stream Monitor

JAVA based tool for easy and realtime monitoring (RTM) of data streams or groups of data streams. This tool makes it easy to monitor inherent distributed or multi-threaded applications like e.g. agent systems, financial data, logistics, RFID Systems

Open Source Logistics System

Open Source Logistics System.

Lm-toolkit - Logistic modeling toolkit

Toolkit for visual creating and simulating logistic models

Python-logistic-regression - Single-file implementation of Logistic Regression model with sparse fea

Single-file implementation of Logistic Regression model with sparse features. Best for quick experiment embedded in Python codes.

Hw56 - a personal project for public use

logistic pro either some other site code for using.