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Windows tail program and log file analyzer.




Related Projects

Log2Console - A Generic Log Viewer (for Log4Net, NLog...)

Log2Console is a development tool offering a nice UI to display, filter and search log messages from different logging services: Log4Net, Log4j and NLog. It can directly receive log events locally or remotely, or read them from a log file... It is written with C#.

LogJoint - Log Viewer

LogJoint is a log viewer tool. It makes it easier to analyze the work of multicomponent multithreaded applications by joining multiple logs into single view.

sawbuck - Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/sawbuck

Sawbuck is a log viewer and controller for Windows Chrome logging, and for other applications or plugins that use the logging facility in Chrome base.Logging in Chrome is integrated with Event Tracing for Windows (ETW), which allows ETW controllers like Sawbuck to control log verbosity at runtime. The Chrome logging integration also captures the call stack at the logging site, which can then be resolved and displayed by log viewers such as Sawbuck.

Sentinel - Log Viewer

Sentinel is a log-viewer (implemented in WPF) with configurable filtering and highlighting (foreground/background colours). A classification system allows messages to be parsed and recomposed prior to display. Includes support for being a log4net UDP Appender target.

ReflectInsight - Log Viewer for NLog, Log4net, Enterprise Library & Debug/Trace

Log Viewer for NLog, Log4net, Enterprise Library and Debug/Trace by using ReflectInsight logging extensions; the next generation in application logging.

log.langdev.org - Logging bot and log viewer for LangDev

Logging bot and log viewer for LangDev

SharePoint ULS Log Viewer

A windows application for viewing SharePoint ULS log files more easily. Supports filtering and easy viewing of data. Note: Many people have commented that since this projects release, Microsoft has released a viewer (by the same name!). It apparently has more features (al...

Chainsaw - log viewer and analysis tool

Chainsaw is a companion application to Log4j written by members of the Log4j development community. Chainsaw can read log files formatted in Log4j's XMLLayout, receive events from remote locations, read events from a DB, it can even work with the JDK 1.4 logging events.

TracerX Logger/Viewer for .NET

TracerX is a .NET logger with a powerful viewer that supports filtering/coloring by threads, category, trace level, and more. Output can go to a circular log file, event log, console/command window, or Trace.WriteLine(). The viewer can collapse and expand method calls, view/walk

brug-log-viewer - BRUG IRC log viewer. Based on https://github.com/pangratz/irc-log-viewer

BRUG IRC log viewer. Based on https://github.com/pangratz/irc-log-viewer

Visual Log Parser

Visual LogParser GUI is a free Visual tool for the Microsoft LogParser engine. It enable user to query any log files or data source with an advanced SQL syntax. Visual LogParser offer an dockable MDI interface, color syntax hightlighting, customisation of the log source pro...

bochs - My fork of the Bochs sourcecode that has a fancy ram viewer

This version of Bochs has been modified so that every time a ram *write* happens a log of the event is taken down.This event is stored in `ram.dat` with each event costing you about 16 bytes of disk space, In my testing I've never seen logging go over 1MB/s but this is because I've been testing with a broken livecd! So if you load windows or something else in I can't say how fast you will be logging (hopefully not too much though)I've only tested this on Debian 7 so I am unable to say if the cha


Atros is a log viewer. It's geared towards the Java logging frameworks (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Java_logging_framework), but should be able to parse most logs. Atros uses VFS2, which helps to abstract access to remote files, so that you can tail files on remote servers with ease. It is a fork of Otros Log Viewer (http://code.google.com/p/otroslogviewer/) with a few new features. 'Atros' is a homophone of the French word 'actroce', meaning 'atrocious'.

logberry - A structured logging package for Go services & applications.

Most log output libraries fall into one of two camps: * Super simple, with a global API that's really easy to use but has no structure beyond a component label and message level or type; * More complex, but focused on extensive formatting controls and/or various output serializers, pipes, aggregators, and managers.Logberry is a bit different, and places more focus on *what* you'relogging, rather than *how*. At the core, its log events are basedaround key/value pairs rather than arbitrary st

quiver-log - Logging utility for dart modeled on log4j/logback

Quiver log is a set of logging utilities that make it easy to configure and manage Dart's built in logging capabilities.Dart's built-in logging utilities are fairly low level. This means each time you start a new project you have to copy/paste a bunch of logging configuration code to setup output locations and logging formats. Quiver-log provides a set of higher-level abstractions to make it easier to get logging setup correctly. Specifically, there are two new concepts: appender and formatter. Appenders define output locations like the console, http or even in-memory data structures that can store logs. Formatters, as the name implies, allow for custom logging formats.


A small logging library for Objective-C applications (Mac OS X and iPhone OS/iOS) which provides conditional logging based on log levels and log components. Additionally, different logging strategies can be used, e.g. writing log messages to a file or sending them to the system log, while using the same logging interface.

hta-log-viewer - a log viewer that opens log files automatically.

a log viewer that opens log files automatically.

log-viewer - log viewer for clj-log

log viewer for clj-log

tinylog - tinylog is a lightweight logging framework for Java and Android.

tinylog is a lightweight open-source logging framework for Java and Android, optimized for ease of use. The logger of tinylog is static, so it isn't necessary to create an instance of the logger before logging. By default all log entries of the level info or higher are written to the console.

Sentry - Realtime Platform-Agnostic Error Logging and Aggregation platform

Sentry is a realtime event logging and aggregation platform. It specializes in monitoring errors and extracting all the information needed to do a proper post-mortem without any of the hassle of the standard user feedback loop.