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lobsters - rails code running lobste.rs

rails code running lobste.rs

LobsterPot HTML5 PivotViewer

The LobsterPot HTML5 PivotViewer is a cross browser, cross platform version of the Silverlight PivotViewer control produced by Microsoft. The control has been written as jQuery plug-in and utilises features available in HTML5.

Loap - Lobsters on a Plane

"A flying tube of riveted aluminum the length of a football field, a swarm of angry carnivorous lobsters, a seething mass of frightened mortal passengers, and a renowned High Wizard who you sworn to protect. Hope you brought a bib." This game is a humorous-fantasy text adventure ("interactive fiction") originally written for a "speed" competition. It was mostly written in 8 hours, then completed haphazardly over the course of a week. It's decidedly less polished then our other games, but then th

Fisheries-explorer - An instructional tool for exploring fisheries economics

Fisheries ExplorerFisheries Explorer is an instructional tool for exploring fisheries management and economics. It was developed as a component of the Fisheries Economics Masterclass run by the Australian Seafood CRC and the University of Tasmania. How to Use itFisheries Explorer is designed to reinforce economic principles and concepts in an interactive manner. It is not a fisheries economics course and should be used by those with some familiarity with economics or in conjunction with a fisher

Omegle - Nice!

You: Hi Stranger: hi Stranger: what you doin? You: NOT DRUGS! You: How are you doing? - Stranger: great Stranger: chillin Stranger: fine You: Do you know the little pony down street? Stranger: u You: Fine too thanks ^^ Stranger: no... You: You MUST be gay then Stranger: what does that mean? Stranger: pony down the street You: The green flower doesn't heard you anymore Stranger: ooooohh Stranger: youre retarded like everyone else here Stranger: why didnt you say so You: Tardlicious <3 Stranger: :

2Lobsters - Moving the lobsters location

Moving the lobsters location

lobsters.el - View the lobsters home page in emacs.

View the lobsters home page in emacs.