Live Stereoscopic 3D

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Watch live stereoscopic 3D in Silverlight using 2 webcams and the MMP Player Framework (formerly known as the Silverlight Media Framework). This project includes a new plugin that can be easily combined with the new S3D feature relesed in version 2.5 of the MMP Player Framework.



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Planeshift: a 3D MMORPG

PlaneShift is a persistent fantasy multiplayer Role Playing Game (MMORPG) with good 3D graphics. Create your character and live in an ever-changing world. Join us to make PlaneShift THE choice of free MMORPG.


CAELinux is a live DVD Linux distribution dedicated to Computer Aided Engineering and Scientific Computing. Based on Ubuntu, it features a full software solution for professional 3D FE analysis from CAD geometry. It includes the Salome 3D pre/post processor, Code_Aster non-linear/multi- physics FE solver, Code-Saturne and OpenFOAM CFD solvers, Elmer multiphysics suite, GMSH, Netgen & enGrid 3D meshers, GNU Octave, Rkward, wxMaxima, Scilab, and more.


live coding with d3


MoviX is a series of 3 tiny -live CD- Linux Distros aimed at MultiMedia playing. eMoviX makes a CD able to play by itself all audio/video files it contains (DivX, XviD, QuickTime, MP3 etc.). MoviXamp;MoviX2 transform in secs yr PC in a powerful MM box.

Nepovito - Network Post Visualisation Tool

this project aim to provide a post-visualisation tool in a 3D environnement. The main idea is to recognize some protocols by a typical comportement displayed in a cube. ScreenshotsRendering of a live network capture from a single host

Nuplay - NuPlay is an tool for creating LIVE 3D audio and video performances using a modified game e

NuPlay is a piece of sofware that will let you generate realtime 3D visuals and audio with your performance or interactive installation. NuPlay is unleashing the awesome power of 3D game software which can handle all kind of visuals (not only game astetics). Visuals can be manipulated LIVE with game controllers, webcams, sensors, audio and electronic instruments and more... The main goal of NuPlay is to come up with a easy to use performance tool to unleash 3D game technology for performative ob

Live Gallery

This is a Silverlight project, built on the Wall3D photo viewer starter sample, available with Microsoft Expression Blend 3. It pulls geocoded photos from Flickr service and displays them in a photo wall. The project uses MEF for themed plugins.

Jblocks - a world of blocks with graphics and physical engine

JBlocks is a hobby project for me. The basic idea started in 1995 when I was still in University. By that time I would like to create an artificial world in which pure software based creatures (robot, or artificial life) exist. It will be terrific to see the creatures 'live' and evolve in the virtual world.

Jsviewfinder - 3D projection of plain HTML using Javascript/jQuery

3D projection of plain HTML using Javascript/jQueryThis script enables viewing HTML elements as through a camera's viewfinder. The optical properties of the camera are combined with the algorithms used for projection of 3D objects on a 2D plane to create the perception of depth within the viewport (viewable area) of the camera. The markup for the objects is done in really simple HTML with some CSS: <div id="viewport"> \t<div id="bg" class="object3d fixedsize"></div> \t<div id="bluebox" class="ob

3dvirtualworld - A project which is a social 3D virtual network just looking as a real world.

In this project, user can live as in real world. some of the main topics here we discuss like: 1) user can roam/walk in the Virtual3D environment. 2) user can chat(audio/video conferncing) as same as he do with his neighbour. 3) user has a 3D avatar which consist of actual pic. 4) user can change their looks, hair, dress, but not actual pic.. 5) user can share every data with whom wanted( privacy is more important). 6) user can go to the offices or blocks or groups. 7) makes a global real world