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ScGraph is a 3D graphics server for the SuperCollider audio synthesis/composition/livecoding environment (which is also hosted here on

Livejs - JavaScript bookmarklet for livecoding or doing experiments on websites

LiveJS is/will be a Javascript based environment for livecoding or doing experiments on websites. It's a bookmarklet, which is "a small JavaScript program that can be stored as a URL within a bookmark in most popular web browsers or within hyperlinks on a web page." It can be used on every browser and on every website. It's capable to use live/flickr/twitter … streams and the resources of the webpage that it runs on. It also can receive OSC messages.

CoderDeck - Create live-coding HTML5-based presentations and workshops

Create live-coding HTML5-based presentations and workshops

livecoding - live coding interactive sketchpad

live coding interactive sketchpad

Ofxjavascript - Javascript addon for openframeworks

AboutofxJavascript is an addon developped for openframeworks that allows applications to embed and execute Javascript thanks to Mozilla engine (called "Spidermonkey" / "Tracemonkey"). BindingsofxJavascript exposes several classes of openframeworks library to Javascript Global functions ofxJSImage ofxJSTrueTypeFont ofxJSOpenGL ... more to come soon ! But you can also : call your C++ functions from Javascript call Javascript functions from C++ create your "own" Javascript classes (like ofxJSImage

Joglframework - A Processing-like OpenGL framework

This is the Java framework I used and improved in all my recent art projects and in my research in information visualization. It encapsulates Jogl functions and utilities that I use every day. It is inspired by Processing and Openframeworks. But I needed more control and wrote my own implementation focused on Jogl, multitouch and 2d/3d graphics tools. The code is simple and already fairly usable. Some functions can be broken from time to time following my needs and development focus. But maybe s

Livecoding - A code reloading library for Python

OverviewThere are two key facets this library: The code reloading functionality it provides. The bypassing of the standard module system with a custom one. The standard module system is still there and continues to work with the custom one, but only the custom one is covered by the code reloading functionality of this library. In order to decide whether you want the flexibility of the code reloading which this library provides, you need to decide whether you can live with writing the reloadable

Action-coding - Ruby + Processing

NewsWe are developing the faster live coding environment using openFrameworks and CRuby: �在�openFrameworks�CRubyをベース���より高速�ライブコーディング環境を模索中: Aboutaction-coding is a prototype environment using with Ruby(Language) + Processing(API). Screencast action-coding x Funnel (by Shigeru Kobayashi) We will aim to combine these software features. Ruby-Processing Import libraries for Processing Langage. SketchBook ra

Reimport - Full featured reload for Python

Releases1.0 Initial release. June 2, 2009 1.1 Bugfix release. January 26, 2010 1.2 Bugfix release. February 21, 2010 1.3 Small improvements and fixes. March 8, 2012 DescriptionThis module intends to be a full featured replacement for Python's reload function. It is targeted towards making a reload that works for Python plugins and extensions used by longer running applications. Reimport currently supports Python 2.4 through 2.6. By its very nature, this is not a completely solvable problem. The

Adam-games - Art, game, and sound related projects.

Assorted sketches and games including but not limited to pygame projects, sketches, and chuck livecode snippets. Any sufficiently exciting sub-projects will get their own space eventually. For now, they all have to share a room.