Live for Desktop

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A simple app that lets you browse you Live accout from a webbrowser integrated in the software. Future version will also include a custom interface and a Metro style look.



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Gxt-rtl - RTL layout support for the GXT (Ext GWT) Sencha framework

AboutThis project adds partial RTL (Right to Left) orientation support for the GXT (Ext GWT) 2.2.x version. Tested browsers are FF 4/5, Chrome. IE9 still has some problems. Rest browsers were not tested. All the official skins are supported DemoCheckout the live demo of RTL layout Explorer Demo RTL Desktop Demo RTL Mail Demo RTL Please note that modified GXT still supports LTR locales. Don't try to load RTL demos with the LTR locales (adding ?locale=<some country>_<some language> to the URL). It

Onestopdevelopment - Java Open Service Platform - One platform can be used to do desktop programming

This project is designed for Java developers to have one stop development functionality to hold list of APIs and its usage in one bundle. This is highly OGSI and can load only modules you are interested in. the below API and its integration part will be available List of API Wrappers: Free TTS Cloud garden Speech(Only For Personal Use) JNA for Kernal and User 32 Access extream XMP mp3 player Live shout radio client Web Camera Support Excel DB Adaptor Easy Scheduller Parallel port controller Ardu

Atomos - Atomic OS: A self-contained microsystem &amp; JavaScript RIA/SPA library.

SynopsisAtomic OS is a "live" OS-like environment and SPA library/template for web app development. At it's core, Atomic OS aims to provide to web developers features that desktop dev's take for granted: basic operating system features like a command interpreter and filesystem. Included in Atomic OS is a simple scriptable command shell and basic desktop environment, giving developers absolute runtime access to their RIA & SPA applications. Atomic OS hopes to help ameliorate dependence on the clo

Deflog - Traductor de lenguaje Fotolog, SMS, etc a Español

DeflogDescripciónEste programa intenta eliminar varias de las características del lenguaje flogger, como repetición de letras, alternación de mayúsculas y minúsculas, abreviaturas de sms, etc. Se presenta en un varias versiones: Versiones webPHP Javascript Python usando cherrypy Versiones desktopPyQT4 OtrasComo un plugin para Messenger Plus! Live. Módulo python con las funciones utilizadas. Capturas de pantallaCaptura de la versión online: Captura del plugin para Messenger Plus! Live: De

Pysta - Python GUI with Vista-like theme

What is pystaA GUI for python, that use my tridi 2D/3D software rendering engine that simulate a complete Windows Vista Desktop, like Aero Glass effect,taskbar, startmenu,tray,widget/sidebar,3D task switcher, etc. Currently, after 4 days work, i have implement these feature: # taskbar, data and time # window Aero look and effect # some simple component : button, edit, checkbox, radio, page/tabbed # effect that can be turn on/off : Blurry form background Glassy form Fade in/out Maximize/restore S

Xerblin - A completely general human-computer interface.

Xerblin is a completely general Human-Computer interface. It provides a single metaphor for interacting with computers that's simple enough to teach to children yet provides facilities that are useful to advanced programmers. It can integrate all levels of software from the Desktop to assembly language. There are three basic user-facing elements to a Xerblin system. Stack - a place to put objects for user manipulation. This is similar to a Clipboard but it can hold more than one item at a time.

Tivostream - Streaming Video HME server for Tivos

OBSOLETENote, this application now has been obsoleted by a new and improved Streaming Video HME server which has all tivostream features and much more: this point no further updates to tivostream are planned.INTRODUCTIONA Java HME streaming video server for Tivos which lets you stream video (mpeg2/h.264 mpeg4) to your series 3 Tivos from your computer(s). Unlike Tivo To Come Back (TTCB) a copy of the source video is not made on your Tivo. Some advantages ove

Pybreakout - Python version of classic Breakout game

PyBreakout - a Breakout clone written in Python using the Pygame librariesI created this little game using Python 2.4.3, Pygame 1.7.1, and finally created the .exe distribution using py2exe 0.6.This is my second project that I have done with the awesome Pygame Libraries and I plan to continue this project based on user feedback, so let me know what needs to be tweaked.What is the current version?The current version, which this document describes, is pybreakout 0.3 released on 2006/10/19 .What's

Googlefu - Google Data APIs Rails Plugin

IntroductionGoogleFu provides a plugin and source code that make it easy to access data through Google Data APIs using Ruby on Rails. Currently there are two services - contacts and calendar. But it is easy to extend the plugin to use other Google services. The plugin includes the RSS library 0.2.4 written by Kouhei Sutou. You can download the latest RSS library at Installing GoogleFuETA It is pretty hard, isn't it? Authenticating to Google servic