Xceed Ultimate ListBox for Silverlight

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Xceed Ultimate ListBox for Silverlight makes it easier for Silverlight developers to deliver apps with smooth-scrolling, always-responsive listbox controls. Makes use of advanced data virtualization techniques to stream content instead of having to load it all into the listbox...




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TkTreeCtrl is a multi-column hierarchical listbox widget for the Tk GUI toolkit.

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This is simple implementation of WPF Checked ListBox

PickList (Dual Listbox) ASP.NET WebControl

Renders two listboxes side-by-side with buttons between them form moving options from one listbox to the other. Other names for this type of control include dual listbox and double listbox.

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This ASP.NET UserControl displays two ListBoxes and allows the user to select items by moving them from the source ListBox to the destination ListBox.

ASP.NET Mutually Exclusive Listboxes Extender

A .NET 2.0+ implementation of mutually exclusive listboxes using ASP.NET's AJAX Control Toolkit. In other words, a UI with two or more listboxes where items can be moved between them using buttons.

Compactframeworklistbox - Owner drawn ListBox for Compact Framework

Specifications: 1. Listbox should allow for each item in the listbox to be ownerdrawn 2. Each item may be of variable height 3. Painting should be double buffered to avoid flickering 4. Should scroll according to touch gestures instead of using a scrollbar 5. Should be resizable


An extender control that extends a Textbox and a Listbox to produce a multi-select dropdown. It is reliant on the AjaxControlToolkit.

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Plugin for jQuery: combobox by templates. dropdown listbox.

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Few months ago I posted a Javascript class on how to Implement a paging listbox using jQuery. which has drawn a lot of traffic and few questions lately so I thought it would be more convenient to rewrite the code as jQuery plugin and make few enhancements plus providing a complete sample code in VB.Net and C#. Enhancements: Easier usage, You only need to insert a div with the class "paging-listbox" and settings inside "options" attribute to automatically have the paging listbox loaded inside tha