Lisbon Embedded Database

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Object-based database for Windows CE with C++ and .Net interface



Related Projects

P3 Emulator

An emulator for an educational CPU (P3) used in a Computer Architecture (AC) course in IST (a University in Lisbon, Portugal). The CPU is only theoritical and has a software simulator already implemented. Purpose: final AC project testing and evaluation.

Lisboncoast - lisbon coast cottages web site

Development of the lisbon coast cottages web site incorporating Joomla CMS

Stemptag - The SInteliGIS Temporal Expression Tagger

The SInteliGIS Temporal Expression Tagger (stemptag) is a Java-based system addressing the complete resolution of temporal expressions given over textual documents, through the usage of Machine Learning (ML) approaches. This resolution involves recognizing the temporal expressions, i.e. delimiting their occurrences over the textual documents, and normalizing the recognized expressions, i.e. explicitly associating the text chunks to calendar points or calendar intervals. In the past, temporal exp

Openj21 - Open-source implementation of the IEEE802.21 standard, completely written in Java

GoalThis project is born from the need of having a network-device controller for the Android platform that would be able to interpret IEEE802.21 MIH_LINK_SAP primitives. AFAIK, Android only provides a JAVA API for interaction network management facilities, so a JAVA-oriented approach is preferred. After the initial objective is achieved, code will be refactored and taken into a fully-blown MIHF implementation. HistoryI've been working in the past year and a half implementing IEEE802.21 standard

Padibook16 - Peer to Peer Facebook

Peer to peer version of a simplified facebook. This is a project for the course of PADI, on IST Lisbon. We try to implement consistent replication and a search algorithm on a peer to peer network.

Moises-ulht - interactive data visualization installation

moisés was the portuguese name chosen for this project. It's the same of Moses, the one who took his people in through an exodus to the land of milk and honey. It's an interactive data visualization installation This project aims to show the path of those who took on the trip of attending college at ULHT in Lisbon. Built in Processing and using the folowing libraries: OpenCV Pbox2D

Mapplisboa - Mapplet para visualizar a história de cada rua de Lisboa

Clica numa rua, faz reverse geocoding, e vai buscar a descriçao ao site

Embodiedlearningbyobservation - Implementation of a learning by observation algorithm that learns by

Learning by observation is one of the most powerful socialization mechanisms. Actually this type of learning is still not available to software agents, because they don’t have the capacity to observe each other. The only type of observational learning that can occur in software agents is the observation of results, and not the observation of the actions themselves. This project is the realization of the investigation work done for my doctoral degree thesis in Computer Science at ISCTE-IUL (Lis

Dsmcbe - Distributed Shared Memory for the Cell Broadband Engine

This projects aims to implement a DSM based system for the Cell Broadband Engine. The finished DSM system enables the use of a single Cell BE machine, as if it had DSM. The same system can then be used for a cluster of interconnected Cell BE systems. This project contains code and partial documentation for our Masters Thesis. We have now stabilized the code, and have put up version 1.0 of DSMCBE. The code is tested with a variety of programs, and is found to be stable. It has been tested on a 16

Nh3d - The model project main page

A coupled mesoscale object-oriented model Developed using original Fortran code of NH3D model by : P. Miranda, M. Teixeira, R. Room, et al. (Univ. Reading, Lisbon and Tartu), V. Stepanenko (Moscow State University) ContentsMotivation Overview Equations Active Work References MotivationOverview The model includes : The 1-dimensional lake model - Lake [6] The atmosphere shortwave (Clirad-SW) and longwave (Clirad-LW) solar radiation, [7-8] The specific aerosol advection-diffusion - SmolarkiewiczTES