Lipsum - the text generator

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Lipsum is a wxPython-based random text generator what is especially useful for those, who're creating web designs, typographical layouts, etc.



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Greaterlipsum - Tired of the old Lipsum? Try Lovecraft!

Greater LipsumFor those of us too subversive for just plain old Latin!You're going to need: Python 2.4 (earlier versions of Python have not been tested, but may work) A text file to read from (might I suggest cthullu.txt? I've gotten it all ready for you!) A command line How to use greaterLipsum: Download both the files and put them in the same directory. From the command line, you're going to want to call You can do this the vanilla way... python This will get

Nlipsum - Lorem Ipsum Generator and Library for .NET (C#)

NLipsum : Lorem Ipsum (Lipsum) Generator and Library for the .NET Framework (C#)Works in versions: 2.0 and higher (3.0, 3.5, 4.0) This project was vaguely inspired by Lipsum : the text generator written in Python and wxPython Similar to the Python Lipsum, you are not bound to generate only "Lorem ipsum..." style text. There are a dozen different text-generation sources in several languages, all of which come from the Python Lipsum. You can also easily include your

Pypsum - Pypsum is an interface to written in Python

PypsumWhat is it?Pypsum is a program written in the Python programming language that interfaces with (courtesy of James Wilson) to generate Lorem Ipsum text, useful for template designing when lots of mock-up text is needed. Pypsum actually consists of two programs, and Screenshot(s) Getting PypsumPypsum is available only for Linux, at the moment. On Linux, you will need python (I have 2.5.2, might work with other versions, too) with the following modules: url rgtk interface rgtk interface provides a Gtk2 GUI for fetching Lorem Ipsum dummy text(used in typesetting industry) from The program DOES NOT generate any text itself, so it needs a working internet connection to retrieve the data.

Lorem-ipsum-generator - Generates random lorem ipsum text

Lorem Ipsum GeneratorLorem Ipsum Generator provides a GTK+ graphical user interface, a command-line interface, and a Python module that generate random "lorem ipsum" text. The Lorem Ipsum Generator can produce a given quantity of paragraphs or sentences of "lorem ipsum" text. "Lorem ipsum" text is also known as "lipsum" text. See an example of the output. FeaturesThe output of the program is quite natural looking, for "lorem ipsum" text. Non-repeating Generated by analysis of a sample text to gi

WWW-Lipsum - Release history of WWW-Lipsum

Release history of WWW-Lipsum

derpum - Herpy Derpy Lipsum

Herpy Derpy Lipsum

Lipsum-Text - Grabs lipsum text from and returns the code to the clipboard for use

Grabs lipsum text from and returns the code to the clipboard for use