LipeRMI - a light-weight RMI alternative

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LipeRMI is a light weight framework which provide full remote method invocation calls between VMs. Its totally independent from native Java RMI and uses a Internet approach to make any communication (using only one socket per client; unidirecional).



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Ripermi - A derivate of LipeRMI, with fewer bugs and more features.

RipeRMI is a bug-fixed and feature-enhanced fork of the LipeRMI-project which make bi-directional Java RMI easy and straightforward. Our main features include: Simple, bi-directional RMI (the server can call back client listeners over the same connection) Cyclic calls supported (server calls client, which again calls the server, which then can call the client again ...) Interfaces are passed automatically by reference, Serialiable objects by value Approx. 80% faster than LipeRMI with many bugs a


A fork of LipeRMI (

lipermi - A fork of LipeRMI (

A fork of LipeRMI (