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This project coordinates the efforts of people to port Linux to the Renesas (formerly Hitachi) SuperH family of processors, including the SH-2, SH-3, and SH-4.



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Autosshd - greps free ssh accounts from web and use that to login putty ssh -D as firefox sock5 prox

1. grep free ssh accounts from web 2. parsing to get account and passwd 3. login putty with account and passwd as ssh -D socks5 proxy 4. auto reconnect on free ssh server disconnection both and windows.bat will be provided based on wget, awk and putty, use it with firefox or socksCap

SH7706LSR - Linux/SH3 test code.

Linux/SH3 test code.

linuxsh - repos linux shell

repos linux shell

linux_sh - linux shell scripts

linux shell scripts