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LinuxSampler is a professional grade software audio sampler that aims to deliver performance and features at par with hardware sampler devices. Note: we only use the mailing list on Sourceforge, everything else is located on our own servers!



Related Projects


Qsampler is a linuxsampler GUI front-end application written in C++ around the Qt4 toolkit using Qt Designer. For the moment it just wraps the client interface of LinuxSampler Control Protocol (LSCP) (


A java front-end for LinuxSampler

Hydro2sf2 - convert hydrogen drumkit into sf2 soundfont

This script (hydroToSf2) is a tool which allows you to convert a Hydrogen drumkit into a SF2 soundfont. It uses Learjeff's soundfont tools to do all the hard work. Requirements:To use the conversion functions (ie if you have flac or other-then-wav formatted drum samples) You will need flac and sox in your path. You'll also need pyxml, and tarfile for python (most people should have these) tested on Python 2.4.3 on Ubuntu Dapper Linux and Python 2.5.2 on Intrepid To get what you need there, type:

Captuer - The easy audio sampler

CaptuerWARNING: Mac OS X only for now - Windows version coming soon! Audio Samplers are too complicated. Captuer is an extremely easy to use sampler that allows you to create instruments in seconds, not hours. Captuer operates in two modes: playback and record. Playback is the performance mode whereas record mode is for creating patches. You can toggle between these two modes with the space bar or the mode button in the Captuer window. Record ModeIn record mode you record sounds using the defaul

lscp2midnam - LinuxSampler LSCP to MIDNAM scripts

LinuxSampler LSCP to MIDNAM scripts


algorithmic composition using python, rtmidi, yoshimi and linuxsampler


ls16 is a convenience front-end to LinuxSampler, featuring 16 sampler channels with configurable MIDI inputs and one stereo audio output.