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We creating new Linux distribution with new packet manager, installation system and hardware detection system. This distribution will be based on Kernel 2.4, XFree 4.0, KDE 2.0 and many new things.



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linux-live developers central svn

For Linux-Live developers


axdistcc is a small liveCD with the distcc, it makes possible an easy creation of a compilation farm. It uses as base system the Slackware Linux 11.0 and a modified linux-live scripts.


Linux Layer7 Switching project tend to provide a robust linux kernel framework to support high speed layer7 switching. It implements a kernel module engine and a userspace daemon to drive this low-level kernel engine. Switching decision is made userland.

Vcchanges - Version Controlled Changes for LiveLinux/Slax

Right now, LinuxLive just mounts x.file or x/ to /, and it's a simple implementation, but it's not the best. My idea is for LinuxLive to only record certain directories based on a text file (say in slax/changes.conf), but that's still not perfect, if line a in /root/Desktop/ is removed and /root/Desktop/ is stored in a module, the whole file gets copied, so what if git is used? Have LinuxLive store all changes in ram, but mark all of the folders provided in changes.conf as git repo

sleki linux live mini server

Sleki base on Slackware 12This server runs from a live CD. The liveCD created with linux-live scripts. Feature :Apache BIND DHCPd Fetchmail MySQL ProFTPd OpenSSH_5.1 Samba Sendmail SpamAssassin PPPD Dialing Server CUPS Print Server UW-IMAP Server SNMP rTorrent PHP + ZendOptimizer Perl Phyton rrdtools (current version) MRTG (current version) SMS Gateway Gammu 1.19 (plug and play ready for SE K/W series USB/ttyACM) most important slackware packages...

Xbfm-file-manager - File manager and moving utilities for XBMC

XBFM allows you to move your existing video files from one location to another without having to export/import or loose any of your watched statuses or recently added markers. It is written in wxPython with the intention of being cross platform at least between Linux/Live and Windows. Initial sub-alpha version has only been tested with Ubuntu, XBMC 10.0 and standard /media/DriveName file system. No testing has been done yet with other operating systems, XBMC Versions or file systems. This versio

linux-live - History of the linux-live scripts made by Tomas M. for slax.

History of the linux-live scripts made by Tomas M. for slax.

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