Linux Home Automation

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A standard Unix interface, minimally accessible via telnet (to it's assigned port), for home automation controllers such as the CM11A, CM17A, Ocelot, or the HCS II. Other controllers will be considered if enough interest in them is shown.



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resource-agents - Combined repository of OCF agents from the RHCS and Linux-HA projects

Combined repository of OCF agents from the RHCS and Linux-HA projects

Linux-ha-examples - Examples for linux-ha configurations

linux-ha-examplesSummarylinux-ha-examples is the result of me playing around with the current linux-ha tools as of april/2009. It uses the current the openAIS / heartbeat / pacemaker stack included in openSUSE 11.1 and provided for many other distibutions from the openSUSE repositories GoalThe goal of this project is to provide a set of non-trivial examples for linux-ha configurations. This is the results of my experiments only. Comments are welcome! StatusCurrently the configurations provided a

Linuxha-net - High Availability Application Clustering for Linux is a generic tool set for helping deploy standard applications in a highly available manner. In summary it allows two separate machines to host the application. Each application is active on a single machine at a time, and if that machine fails, or loses all network connectivity the application is automatically started on the alternative machine. Of course using two machines for providing a single access to a single application may sound expensive. However does not limit

Truecl - Cross Platform Open High Availability Architecture

TrueCL is the successor to It has been designed to support clusters of many nodes (though currently only tested and supported with up to 8), across different UNIX variants. At present the software is in use on the following platforms: Linux Solaris HP-UX FreeBSD (Experimental) It has been designed to allow easy migration to other OS variants too. Some of the features offered by TrueCL include: Storage types - was limited to making use of replicated storage. TrueCL contin

mon-ha is a service monitor for heartbeat

What is mon-ha? mon-ha, also referred to as Monitor HA, is a service monitor that stop/restart Heartbeat when the respective service is down. Fully written in Linux Shell Script, mon-ha is a open source script that works with Heartbeat. What is Heartbeat? Heartbeat is a cluster management program for linux high-availability clustering. Version 1.6.29 test - enable/disable log; set heartbeat action; set log directory; code optimization. Simple Install To install, just configure the mon-ha file an


DRBD + SAMBA + LinuxHA = SAMBHA - A python implementation of send_arp.c from the linux-ha project

A python implementation of send_arp.c from the linux-ha project