LinuxDC: Linux for the Sega Dreamcast

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A port of the Linux 2.4.x kernel and assorted userland software to the Sega Dreamcast games console.



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nanodc - the ncurses dc++ client

Nanodc is a DC++ client with ncurses user interface. Using DC++ core code makes it fully compatible with existing DC++ software (hubs, clients). Nanodc also shares configuration files with LinuxDC++. Visit the IRC-channel #nanodc for more information

Linuxdcpp - A Linux port of the Direct Connect file-sharing program, DC++

LinuxDC++ is a Linux port of the Direct Connect client DC++. Though it is primarily aimed at Linux, it has been shown to work on other Unix-based operating systems as well. It is written in C++ and makes use of GTK+ for the user-interface. LinuxDC++ is free and open source software licensed under the GPL.Direct connect is a peer-to-peer file-sharing protocol. The most popular Windows client implementing this protocol currently is DC++. Direct connect clients connect to a central hub where they c

Rufusdc - KDE 4 DC++ client

SummaryDC++ client for KDE 4. Uses DC++ core, as for now - version 0.75 I tried to implement DC++ client from scratch, and succeeded partially. But since guys from LinuxDC++ did all the hard work making DC++ core running on Linux, I decided to switch. Kudos to DC++ and LinuxDC++. The code is clear, well-designed, easy to read and to integrate. Status2009-07-05 Switched to DC++ core, development going fast. Not usable now, but since it shares config with linuxdcpp, you can use RufusDC to see how

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LinuxDC++ is a Linux port of the Direct Connect client DC++. It has a rewritten user interface based on the GTK+ toolkit. Latest version is 1.0.3, released on 2 February 2009. It is being developed actively and is available through CVS. Even though the name implies it is Linux-only, it works on other POSIX compliant operating systems, such as NetBSD and FreeBSD. Since latest DC++ core drop support of oDC like file list so you cannot view file list of those user that use old clients neither to do

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DC++ Direct connect client. ported on linux and localised on russian. В�е об�уждени� ошибок и предложений провод�т�� на Ру�ком �зыке.

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What is Dtella@McGill?Dtella@McGill is a distributed DC hub that allows users to collaborate and share documents and files between computers. Use this software at your own discretion. "Do not share files that are copyrighted or protected by law." Dtella@McGill does not take any responsibility for the actions with which you use this software. Step 1: Download Dtella@McGillDownload the right Dtella@McGill installer for your operating system in the "Downloads" tab, or through the "Featured download