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Gerenciamento Web para Servidores Linux - Alguns Recursos: Bloquear sites pornograacute;ficos, violentos, salas de bate-papo, messenger; Controlar velocidade de conexatilde;o para cada computador; Ver relatoacute;rio de acesso a internet e messenger; Firewall.



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Control your Marks and Spencer USB Missile Launcher on Linux (and maybe other platforms that support python and libusb). Tested onUbuntu-5.04 (please report other success stories) Requirementspython (>=2.3) libusb (>=0.1.8) pyusb (==0.3.1) python module with patch included below urwid python module Installensure python is installed and right version install libusb-0.1.18 or better (available here) or use package appropriate for your distro, e.g. on ubuntu: $ sudo apt-get install libusb-devinstal

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