Linux/VAX Porting Project

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A port of the linux kernel to the Digital Equipment Corp. VAX architecture and line of minicomputers.



Related Projects


Conquest is a Unix/C port of a real-time, multi-player space warfare game that was originally written in RATFOR for the VAX/VMS platform by Jef Poskanzer and Craig Leres. It supports both curses and OpenGL interfaces. Sound is supported as well.

eVAX - A VAX emulator

eVAX is a software emulation of a VAX computer, written entirely in portable C. The emulator includes a quot;high functionquot; console that supports assembly, disassembly, and debugging of VAX programs. eVAX has a limited ability to run VAX/VMS programs as wel


TS10 now is multi-system emulator system that includes three working emulators: PDP-10 (KS10 and KL10), PDP-11 (KDF11 and KDJ11), and VAX (MicroVAX II and VAXserver 3900).

Edt Text Editor

Simple text editor emulates VAX VMS EDT. Uses numeric key-pad for common editing functions. Easy to learn, efficient, enables rapid editing. Multiple buffers. Handles large files. Light-weight.


This program plays/records audio from modem in 'raw modem' format and extracts/acts on DLE-shielded codes such as DTMF, busy, etc. It was designed as the 'key' piece of a bash-script based voicemail system.

skirb - SkiFree (VAX edition) clone for ruby

SkiFree (VAX edition) clone for ruby