Linux UDF

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Linux UDF Filesystem module and userspace utilities (Patches against kernel v2.2, v2.4 and v2.6 plus udftools)



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Native (JNI) cross-platform library to extract (password protected, multi-part) 7z Zip Rar Tar Split Lzma Iso HFS GZip Cpio BZip2 Z Arj Chm Lhz Cab Nsis Deb Rpm Wim Udf archives from Java. Archive creation and more formats coming soon.

MySQL extension functions

Some user defined functions (UDFs) coded in C to enhance the functionality of the MySQL database server. With these functions it is possible to calculate median values, linear regression parameters, effective column widths etc. directly from MySQL

Baconsnake - BaconSnake: Inlined Python UDFs for Pig

Proof-of-concept preprocessor that allows you to use Python (Jython) UDFs in Pig.

Pymediainfo - Obtains system mounted removable volumes information.

Python wrapper on a C/C++ library that obtains a list of mounted removable volumes on a Linux system. It returns: mount path, device name, device format and device label. Supports ISO9660 and UDF formats.

UDF-DLM: IDL interface for UDF format

Interface to allow access to UDF datasets from within IDL

DVD/CD UDF Tools (especially RRD Drive)

DVD/CD UDF disc drive tools, esp. for the Iomega RRD (aka Iomega REV) drive. Usability patches for UDF mkfs and fsck. Commentary for the lk MMC and UDF source code. cvs co tarballs for firewalls that defeat CVS. Links, FAQ's, troubleshooting hints.

libmyXql: XML library for MySQL

Create XML output directly from MySQL using user defined functions (UDF) in an SQL query.

Elsp4mysql - External Language Stored Procedures for MySQL

External Language Stored Procedures for MySQL is a patch for MySQL to provide support for stored procedures written in an external languages. Stored procedures are declared in SQL using SQL standards compliant syntax. Additional stored procedure languages are implemented as plug-ins to be installed at run time into the server. Currently, plugins for Java and Perl are implemented, as well as support for declaring XML-RPC requests as stored procedures.

rFunc UDF Library

User Defined Library for InterBase / Firebird / Yaffil for Windows and Unix. Written on C++.

Firebird-fpc-udfs - freepascal UDF library for Firebird

OverviewJust a small Firebird UDF library written in FPC. The Firebird UDF interface would hopefully be obsoleted in Firebird v3.0 and replaced with the new External Engine API. Until then, I hope you find this little library helpful. Any feedback is welcome and appreciated. Here's the list of UDFs, and additional UTF-8 functions. StatusThe functions are tested and work on Win32 and Linux32 platforms. For installation instructions, read INSTALL.TXT. For tips on how to write UDFs for Firebird you