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Linux for the Q40 and Q60 machines



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Pygoogle - A simple Google search module for Python

pygoogle is a very basic Google search module for Python. It has a limitation of only 64 results. If you want more results, see xgoogle PagesGoogle's Search API returns 4 or 8 results per 'page'. So, if you want 40 results, you will need to request 4x10pages or 8x5pages. pygoogle uses 8 results per page (default, use rsz to change this to 4). ExamplesGet URLs from the first 5 result pagesfrom pygoogle import pygoogleg = pygoogle('quake 3 arena')g.pages = 5print '*Found %s results*'%(g.get_result

Qtonium - Embedded offscreen WebKit using Qt and Python

A simple way to embed a web browser in another application, like a 3D game or virtual world client, etc. YouTube demo: Qtonium runs off-screen WebKit browsers and lets you interact with them by receiving the pixel data for displaying, by sending mouse click events, etc. Qtonium was originally designed for use with Syntensity, and the current code shows how to work with that (as a plugin for the Intensity Engine), but it would be very simple to adapt it


Very compact Tetris game for those who want to play where/when they should not: only a tiny gaming area (even 40px high) your headmaster will hardly notice (in case, just press Q or Escape).

Php-xpay - PHP Class for interacting with SecureTrading payment gateway.

IntroductionPlease note: this project is not an official SecureTrading Ltd. code. This class establishes a connection with the XPay Java client and submits transaction requests in XML format. Then it collects and processes the XML response to extract the transaction result. The XPay Java client must be running on the same machine as PHP or some other machine reachable via TCP connection. By default it connects to XPay client at If you want to use different host/port initialize th

Ctypes-glpk - A Python wrapper for GLPK using ctypes

ctypes-glpk is a Python module which encapsulates the functionality of the GNU Linear Programming Kit (GLPK). The GLPK allows one to specify linear programs (LPs) and mixed integer programs (MIPs), and to solve them with either simplex, interior-point, or branch-and-cut algorithms. The goal of ctypes-glpk is to give one Python access to all documented functionality of GLPK. Advantages Complete access to all documented functionality of GLPK, up to version 4.33 No installation or compiler required

Ycnsnsapi - 雅虎关系开放平�API

本项目是雅虎关系开放平�OpenAPI rest接�的php客户端�装(based on facebook client lib) 由于平��展很快。所有api的更新也很快,所以建议直接从svn checkout�代�。 下�是调用的例� <?php// 调用OpenAPI的例�// 这个程�必须�行在雅虎关系开放平�的框架下include ("./YKOpenApi.class.php");// include ('./jsonwrapper/jsonwrapper.php'); 如果没有json扩展,则包�此文件$user_id = "03000183946";$api_key = '{YOURAPI_K

Tvkaistaforxbmcv2 - v2 tvkaista plugin for xbmc

English summary: xbmc (xbox media center, for Finnish PVR service tvkaista ( Author has no relations to the tvkaista service, he is just a happy customer. xbmc plugin tvkaista-palvelulle. Tekijä käyttää pluginia xboxilla xbmc t3ch 9.04-versiolla ja kehitystä tehdään eden:lla windowsilla ja dharmalla ubuntu linuxilla. Tämä projekti jatkaa siitä, mihin jäi. Katso myös

Xndata - A data exporter to help user extract personal information from, the largest soci

TODO ListReconstruct API structure, add Add universal verification code detection and submission module for all component Test on account locking trigger: speed or times, need quantitative test Multithread? GAE portability XNInfoClient: Search interface for friends (Ready to connect with Courseroster) XNInfoClient: Page accessibility check (Public or private) XNInfoClient: Extract user information when user page is not public XNInfoClient: Fetch common friends with particular

Buxter-api - Open source Buxter API client implementation in Java and PHP for Facebook application d

IntroductionWelcome to the Buxter API client project. The Buxter API client project provides open source Java and PHP clients for the Buxter transaction webservice in order to allow Facebook developers easy integration of Buxter into their own applications. What is Buxter?Buxter is a Facebook application which allows you to make social payments within the Facebook platform, e.g. to send/request money to/from your friends, to make donations or to pay for Facebook applications and virtual goods. B

Jhell - My Public Domain Repository

NewsMon Jan 9 05:17:44 UTC 2012 For convenience I have recently began uploading files to the download area in a version format 'RELENG_X_X' which usually coincides to release done in FreeBSD and a branch that it is known to run on. Upon each new release the old version will be deprecated but left intact for future reference whether there has been a change or not. Fri Sep 9 03:58:30 UTC 2011 Recent searches uncovered the following URL for Nexenta & IllumOS ~4 months ago thanks to Scott Roberts ht