Linux for 68k Macintoshes

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A developmental branch of the Linux/m68k port, supporting older Macintoshes with a Motorola 68020, 030, or 040 CPU and an MMU. This includes most II/LC/Centris/Quadra/Performa-class machines. Check the status page on the project web site for details.



Related Projects

Early Macintosh Image LoadEr

This tool allows to boot linux-m68k from a floppy on a macintosh motorola 68K based. With it, you can create rescue disk, or remove the MacOS partition (needed by the legacy penguin booter) from your HD.

Mac OS Classic API Emulator amp; PEF Loader

Proposal for Mac OS Classic API Compatibility Layer similar to WINE. Loader for PowerPC PEF relocatable executables. This is named after the attempted 68k mace project (MACintosh Emulator).

os9exec - os9 emulator

OS9exec - execution environment for OS-9/68k user-mode programs on MacOS9 / MacOSX / Windows and Linux host OS. (OS-9 is an RTOS of Microware/Radisys)


The project comprises numerous binaries, supporting 68k, Classic PPC, Carbon/Cocoa PPC and Cocoa on Intel. It supports dynamically loaded CFM or MachO plug-ins to edit resources, and is easily extendible by third parties.

Permm - Python Environment for Reaction Mechanisms/Mathematics provides dynamic analysis tools for e

Welcome to PERMMPERMM is a Python-based Environment for Reaction Mechanisms/Mathematics. Simply put, PERMM helps you detangle the complex relationships in reaction mechanisms. Reaction mechanisms, as shown in our logo, often have complex and recursive relationships that when combined with 4-dimensional rate data... can get frizzy. PERMM starts with a reaction mechanism, applies n-dimensional rate data, and then provides an interface for chemical analysis. PERMM lets you: define chemical species

Joons-renderer - Brings Sunflow's ray-tracing to Processing

FeaturesCode as you normally would in Processing, just ray-trace render the result. The library reads what's on Processing's display, and returns the exact same view, only rendered. It uses an external render template (an SC file), so all of Sunflow's functionalities just work, which means you can render inside Processing: Textures Light sources Depth-of-field External file objects .. among other things The library works with all the latest versions of Processing. Changes Log02/Nov/2010 v0.70 im