Integrity Measurement Architecture (IMA)

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Integrity Measurement Architecture to know EXACTLY what has been run on your machine.



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Imaphpversion - The PHP Version looks like the ima system!

I have a dream!He he,it's a joke,I want to create a web publish system when i see the IMA,may be it's hard to complish,but I will try it!Do my best!

Threattocreativity-theme - This is a theme for Wordpress designed by Max Kirchoff. There are few ima

Largely inspired by European POP art, this theme is a labour of love. Pieces of code borrowed from all over. The key feature to this theme is the homepage excerpts with randomly generated coloration. It's a real threat to minimalist design and general organic creativity. It's automated and audacious. Submit any feautre requests via the website! I'll be looking to update and add features in the next month.

Class-dbi-lite - Class::DBI::Lite - Lightweight Perl Object-Relational Mapper (ORM)

DESCRIPTIONClass::DBI::Lite offers a simple way to deal with databases in an object-oriented way. One class (the Model class) defines your connection to the database (eg: connectionstring, username and password) and your other classes define interaction with one table each (your entity classes). The Entity classes subclass the Model class and automatically inherit its connection. Class::DBI::Lite relies heavily on Ima::DBI::Contextual, SQL::Abstract and Scalar::Util. Class::DBI::Lite does not le

Pos-za-kafice - POS program za kafiće

POS program za kafiće. Program je napisan u programskom jeziku JAVA i radi na velikom broju operacijskih sustava: Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, OpenSolaris, Mac OS X. Program je vrlo pojednostavljen i ima slijedeće mogućnosti: -plaćanje isklju�ivo gotovinom; ne predviđa se popust -cijena artikla upisuje se direktno u artikl -moguće je definirati kategorije proizvoda -moguće je definirati poreze -ispis ra�una na POS pisa� -ispis izvještaja na A4 pisa� -korištenje bar-code �ita�a Za pohr

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U pitanju je aplikacija koja ima dva dela: Deo za barmene Deo za administraciju Aplikacija služi tome da se barmeni registruju dobijanjem username-a i passworda od strane Carlsberg-a. U procesu registracije oni unose svoje li�ne podatke. Kada su registrovani, barmeni mogu da se uloguju, nakon �ega će biti odvedeni na stranicu svog profila, gde mogu da vide svoje podatke, kao i trenutnu tabelu barmena. Tabela se sortira po broju prodatih flasa Carlsberg piva, gde se pored imena korisnika i nj

Ima-so - A highly customizable yet intiutive image sorting application.

imaso - image sorter imaso is a cross-platform graphical desktop application written in Java aimed at sorting photos into a specified customizable folder structure. more images» Problem statementHow often would you come home with your digital camera from a terrific event to transfer fantastic photos you have taken there? Time after time you patiently create folders to put your images in or rely on tools that just do not offer flexibility you want. Descriptionimaso (abbreviated from im*age and s

Meshfix - Repairing and modification of triangle meshes

Information Description$ meshfix --helpMeshFix v1.2-alpha - by Marco Attene, Mirko Windhoff, Axel Thielscher.================================================================================USAGE: meshfix <file1> [<file2>] [OPTIONS] Processes file1 and saves the result to <file1> An optionally passed file2 is merged with the first one.OPTIONS: -a <epsilon_angle> Allowed range: 0 < epsilon_angle < 2, default:

Rarig - GTK Resize and Rename Images GUI

Program for manipulation images in Linux. / Программа дл� манипул�ции изображени�ми в Linux. Available languages: / Языки: English / Ру��кий Screenshots: / Скриншоты: Installing in Debian/Ubuntu Linux: / У�тановка в Debian/Ubuntu Linux: $ cd /usr/src/ && sudo wget$ sudo dpkg -i gtk-rarig_0.1.5~all.debThe program will appear in the menu "Applications - Graphics - GTK-Ima

Lovoalign - Convergent Algorithms for Protein Structural Alignment

lovoalignLovoalign is a new structural alignment package. The methods used for structural alignment are based on Low Order Value Optimization (LOVO) theory. The use of LOVO theory led to the development of fast convergent algorithms that provide very robust optimization of scoring functions. Numerical experiments show that the LOVO algorithms implemented here provide the most reliable optimization of the STRUCTAL alignment while being very fast. Simple input parameters can be used to align two s

Ct2-inpainting - Inpainting

MAJ Fin de projet - Documents nécessaires à la recette du projetVeuillez trouver ci-dessous les liens vous permettant d'accéder à: - Le rapport du projet - La présentation pour l'oral - Une archive contenant un exécutable pour le projet (pour Windows) - Une archive contenant un exécutable pour le projet (pour Linux) - Un jeu de données Chacune des deux archives (Windows/Linux) contient un fichier "README.txt" sur les pré-requis à l’utilisation du programme. Projet de Master I SIS Ima