ATM on Linux

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Drivers and tools to support ATM networking under Linux. Eventually this will also include support for some types of DSL modems.



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ATM drivers for PCI ADSL/ADSL2+ modems

Linux ATM Drivers for the Geos Multiport ADSL2+ router, Solos PCI Multiport ADSL2+ modem and Pulsar PCI ADSL Card

Java MP4Box Gui

A Java gui for MP4Box

ATM SAR Library (SARLib)

Open-Source ATM Segmentation and Reassembly Library

Dynagen - Dynagen is a utility for use with the dynamips Cisco 7200 simulator. It allows you to quic

Dynagen is a front-end for use with the Dynamips Cisco 7200 router emulator. It uses an INI-like configuration file to provision dynamips emulator networks. It takes care of specifying the right port adapters, generating and matching up those pesky NIO descriptors, specifying bridges, frame-relay, ATM switches, etc. It also provides a management CLI for listing devices, suspending and reloading instances, etc.

Talist - webapp for managing students' information and grades

TAlist is a web application for managing information about students. The project is designed to be cross-platform and used standalone. Features: easy navigation through multiple sections/classes; import/export in csv and other text formats using templates; export into static (client side scripting only) html pages; sending custom emails to a group of students. The project uses sqlite, django development server and template language atm.

Lampiro-cf - Lampiro Content Framework

Lampiro is for the moment, at its very start, a fork of Hotaru CMS ( However, the intention is to do a full but steady rewrite and release something fresh and new. Lampiro is the Esperanto word for firefly. Hotaru is the japanese word for firefly. Alright, the current code looks like crap but I'm using Lampiro for an own short-deadline project, so I can't pay much attention to nice code atm. I hope to release a first stable by the end of August

Phpbr - A php Webgame simulating the story of Battle Royale(zh-cn Only ATM) | 网页版的大逃æ�€æ

A php Webgame simulating the story of Battle Royale(zh-cn Only ATM, an English version is in planning status.) Originally developed by 2Y @ Translated into Chinese by Modded by Nemo Ma --- 网页版的大逃�游�,现在�有中文版 英文版有��翻译。 代�和创�原作为B-R-U.net的2Y 由Azazil翻译�中文版并且添加了MySQL存储数�。 这里是冴月麟等人用�拓展元脚本的地方。

svgalib windows

A windowing program on svgalib. Windows are polygonal. Uses binary space partitioning trees. Applications are processes which communicate via shared memory. Includes a small demo. Not functional atm.

Launchpad-plus - Novation Launchpad ableton script rewrite and modifications

A set of python scripts for use with the Novation Launchpad to integrate it into a bunch of other MIDI gear I have... hopefully build a nice framework around it. I'm just learning both Python and the Framework Classes ATM, so production will be slow. If you wanna get in contact me, come to #ableton on, via IRC. Any thing on this page that isn't mine, is copyright of the respective owners. lpp: production-worthy candidates will go here. testing: testing tree (nightly commits, oft