Linux/APUS Kernel

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Linux Kernel for PowerPC equipped Amiga Computers.



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Apus - Apus is a project based on PHP&Gmap Api.

Apus是一个基于PHP与Google Maps Api的网站项目,是由oncoding编���布的网站开�教学演示项目,教程会�续更新,欢迎网站开�爱好者关注。 项目演示网站: 教程目录: (一) (二)

JPred Eclipse IDE Support Plugin

Eclipse plugin designed to give IDE support for JPred. For more infomration:

Pipelinekit - high level programming system for stream computing with OpenCL or DirectCompute

Notice: I have recently discovered that much of the functionality that I envisioned for PipelineKit already exists in the form of Apple's Quartz Composer tool. I have switched to using that tool for my own personal use. For that reason I am suspending work on PipelineKit and encourage people to investigate Quartz Composer. Please feel free to use the existing project resources in any way that is useful to you. PipelineKit is a project originated at AMD to develop a high level (and visual) progra