Linux ABI Project

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The Linux abi is a patch to the linux kernel that allows a linux system to run foreign binaries. For further details please see the project homepage.



Related Projects

Gnome Office - office suite for GNOME

Gnome Office consist of bunch of application such as Word, Speadsheet, Presentation, Graphics and Database.

libmongo-client - An alternative C driver for MongoDB

This is an alternative C driver for MongoDB, with slightly different goals than the official one. libmongo-client is meant to be a stable (API, ABI and quality alike), clean, well documented and well tested shared library, that strives to make the most common use cases as convenient as possible. It has support for connection pooling, ReplicaSet support, with support for automatic reconnecting and discovery and lot more.


DNA sequencing quality values, base calling and trace processing


The AbiWord word processor is a full-featured cross-platform word processor.

Project UDI

Uniform Driver Interface -- Public Source Code for runtime environments and drivers based on the UDI Specifications. Single source image for a driver, built once for each ABI (IA32, Sparc, etc.) and then run on any OS that provides UDI!

AbiWord - Word Processing Program

AbiWord is a free word processing program similar to Microsoft Word. It is suitable for a wide variety of word processing tasks. It allows you to collaborate with multiple people on one document at the same time. It runs virtually on any operating system with a minimum of time spent on porting.

ExLight 32bit Linux Live DVD

ExLight 13.04 32bit Linux Live DVD with Enlightenment 17

DebEX Barebone 64bit

DebEX Barebone 64bit Linux Live DVD is based on Debian Jessie

Qtablex - Aplikacja graficzna oparta na Qt4 i libpoppler służąca do wyciągania tabel z dok. PDF

Projekt w bardzo wcześnej fazie Wyskoczył przy okazji pracy przy innej aplikacji Hostowanie via google dla nauki i bezpieczeństwa zmian(SVN) Otwarty z przekonania i aby zadość uczynić otwartej licencji Qt4 open-source

Opisgg - Skracanie opisów komunikatora Gadu-gadu

Skrypt ten skraca zbyt długie opisy w komunikatorze gadu-gadu (limitem jest 70 znaków). Wykonałem go w języku Ruby. Uruchamianie: --Linux: ----ruby opis.rb Skracanie przebiega dwufazowo. 1) Usuwanie spacji Jeśli opis nadal jest za długi, to skrypt wykonuje mocne skracanie 2) Usuwanie samogłosek Aby wymusić skracanie krótkiego opisu, zamiast opisu należy wpisać !lekko Dla fazy 1 !mocno Dla fazy 2