Linq To Stdf

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A library for parsing/processing Standard Test Datalog Format (STDF) files, typically used in semiconductor testing.



Related Projects

One-Wire Weather

Oww (One-Wire Weather) is a server and client for Dallas Semiconductor / AAG 1-wire weather station kits.

EasyCAP DC60 Driver

Linux device driver for the EasyCAP Model DC60, with inputs CVBS, S-VIDEO, AUDIO(L), AUDIO(R), and for the EasyCAP002, with four CVBS inputs and microphone input. The USB ID is 05e1:0408 and the manufacturer is Syntek Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

STDF Solutions

To provide free solutions for the manipulation of Standard Test Data Format (STDF) files. Such solutions will first entail reading/writing of STDF files, with later solutions including statistical/visualization tools as demand dictates.


JAVA library for accessing the 1-Wire LCD controller from Louis Swart. The library provides a convenient interface as well as a low level interface. For use with any Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire network. Runs on TINI microcontrollers too.

Pystdf - Python module for working with STDF files

Moved to GitHubI have migrated PySTDF to GitHub for better collaboration and to consolidate my open source portfolio. You may find a more recent version there, as it is much easier to accept contributions through Github. --- PySTDF is a Python module that makes it easy to work with STDF (Teradyne's Standard Test Data Format). STDF is a commonly used file format in semiconductor test -- automated test equipment (ATE) from such vendors as Teradyne, Verigy, LTX, Cred

Stdfparser - A python-based STDF parser for STDF version 3 and version 4

What is STDF?STDF is the standard test data format used by many of the ATE vendors such as Teradyne. It is the file format most likely being created at production line due to its compactness to save storage spaces. STDF ResourcesSTDF on Wikipedia STDF Group MotivationIt could be very useful and convinient to directly look into STDF files, and enables more complicated test data analysis framework to be based on this parser. The old solution is to convertion it to another format (such as TSF) and

Java-wafermap-generator - generate wafermaps from database

Academic project. Read from a custom STDF database then feed to jwmap to generate bin maps, stack maps, parametric maps on firstpass, auto-reprobe, offline retest and final overall yield.

Libstdf - Standard Test Datalog Format Library

library for reading writing and manipulating STDF files and data.

Stdf4j - Java STDF parsing library

Java library for parsing and writing STDF files. Tools for dumping, extracting record types, and GUI viewing of STDF files are also included. Source for releases can be downloaded from SVN tags. For a quick overview of file parsing see: For a quick overview of file writing see:


SECS-II/HSMS-SS/GEM implementation on .NET. This library provide easy way to communicate with SEMI standard compatible device.