linq to jquery

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provides support for linq to jquery objects



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Linquid JS

Linquid JS aims to be as full a port as makes sense of the System.Linq.Enumerable class to JavaScript.

Jsonfx-examples - Example projects built with JsonFx.NET

JsonFx.NET ExamplesExample projects built using JsonFx.NET, the JSON-savvy Ajax Framework for ASP.NET. For environment setup help, see: For ASP.NET MVC, Web Application and Web Site Visual Studio Project Templates, see: "UIToolkit"JsonFx.NET (JBST, JSON-RPC) C# / ASP.NET / Visual Studio 2005 jQuery 1.3.2 UIToolkit shows how to build reusable control libraries which allow sharing of JBST client-side templates, scripts, and styleshee

$linq - A Javascript LINQ library

$linq is a Javascript version of .NET's Linq to Objects, with some query operations inspired by MoreLinq (an extension to Linq to Objects).

LINQ to JavaScript

LINQ to JavaScript (JSLINQ) is LINQ to Objects for JavaScript arrays, and adds power and flexibility of LINQ style queries to traditional JavaScript code.

Jquery-load-json - JQuery plugin for loading JSON data into the DOM

JQuery loadJSON pluginThis is a JQuery plugin that enables developers to load JSON data from the server and load JSON object into the DOM. No templating language is required - this plugin matches DOM elements in the HTML page with a JSON object using a DOM element properties. UsageTo use loadJSON plugin two items should be defined: HTML code that will be used as template JSON object that will be used to populate template HTML templateTemplate is plain HTML code. Only requirement is that elements

ltxml.js - LINQ to XML for JavaScript

ltxml.js is an XML processing library for JavaScript that is inspired by and largely similar to the LINQ to XML library for .NET.

Triad - The Rich Intranet Architecture for Developers

Triad is an application framework for ASP.Net MVC. Based on many of the most highly used jQuery controls on the Net today. N-Layered Architecture with LINQ to SQL, or Telerik ORM, or Entities Framework, etc.


LINQ style functionality for Javascript. Allows you to work with sets of data using query style syntax to select, order and sort records. Useful for medium sized arrays of information that shouldn't hit the server each time you need to select, sort or query it.


myBookmarks is an attempt to learn and build a simple web2.0 application using ASP.NET MVC,Linq to SQL and JQuery.I have tried to keep the code simple but at the same time follow the mvc best practices.Live demo is hosted at Also a learning resource.....

Cool Forum ( MVC Forum)

This is a forum built using new Microsoft MVC framework. This forum is built with the intention to be the best MVC forum available. It will provide Web 2.0 features, Unit Testing and popular ORM framework like NHibernet and LINQ to SQL.