LINQ to Ebay

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LINQtoEbay is a custom LINQ query provider that allows querying Ebay items in an Ebay Site.



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esniper: a lightweight eBay sniping tool

esniper is a lightweight console application for sniping eBay auctions.

|es|f| esniper frontend

|es|f| is a web based HTML frontend for esniper, a lightweight console application for sniping eBay auctions. It's written in PHP + Javascript and uses text files for all data storage, no database required. Featuring extensions (modules and plugins), events handling, translations with TMX format, web based configuration. Install |es|f| and esniper on your own server and enjoy bidding.

opentaps = ERP + CRM

opentaps Open Source ERP + CRM, is a fully integrated application suite that supports eCommerce, Customer Relationship Management, Warehouse and Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management, and Financial Management to Business Intelligence and mobility integration out-of-the-box.


Lauge is a special browser for eBay.

eBay Agent

This script exists to provide users with a way to automate last moment bidding on eBay.

Java Auction Organisation, Listing Tool

The Java Auction Organisation and Listing Tool allows the users to create and organize their auctions for eBay AND AuVito offline as well as list the created auctions without using a website. The project moved to

Auctiomaton - auction management utility ( ebay items management )

Auctiomaton provides an easy and browser-independent auction management for items listed at ebay