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Linkrot scans a site for inaccessible links (http error 404, 500, etc.) and saves a log with bad links that you can open in Excel. It's a Windows console application developed in C# (.NET 2.0 stack). Simple, single thread crawling for dead links, broken links, dangling links.



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Shortlink - URL shortening that really doesn't hurt the Internet Short links are useful both for space-constrained (e.g. microblogging, mobile) and manual entry (e.g. printed, spoken) applications, however URL shortening services are causing problems of their own (e.g. linkrot, analytics, security, etc.). The rel="shortlink" proposal (which is made available with copyright, patent and trademark waivers) solves this problem cleanly, with little or no risk of collateral damage. The proposed alternative (rev="canonical") also has

Modbrokenlink - Apache module that reports broken links.

mod_brokenlinkSource HowToCompile For usersWhat is mod_brokenlinkmod_brokenlink is a module for Apache HTTP Server that, installed on the link-target host (target) notifies to the link-origin host (origin) of the existence of broken* links. * broken (404), or permanently moved (301) or whichever status you had defined in its configuration. When does it workWhen a non-existent page* is requested to the target. * page, or picture, or any other resource with an URL. Where the notifications are reco

linkrot - Scripts to detect linkrot

Scripts to detect linkrot

Programming-Goodies - Things saved from impending link-rot

Things saved from impending link-rot


a teeny tiny link checker

pinboard_linkrot - Processes a pinboard json export and identifies any bad links.

Processes a pinboard json export and identifies any bad links.

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