LinkedIn WinRT

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This library provides basic functionality for using the LinkedIn API in a Windows 8 Store App.



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SocialAuth.NET - OAuth library in .NET

SocialAuth.NET as a Security Token Service (STS). STS is a form of web endpoint which facilitates delegation of authentication requirements to a separate centralized setup. It currently authenticates users with Facebook, Yahoo, Google, MSN, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn.

EasyOAuth Framework for OAuth Protocol

EasyOAuth Framework is an OAuth-compliant Authentication and Authorization Library for Desktop Application and Web Application. Support 8 providers include Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Dropbox, Plurk and LinkedIn.

Python-linkedin - A python wrapper around the LinkedIn API

Python LinkedInA python wrapper around the LinkedIn API AuthorsÖzgür Vatansever <> Iftach Bar <> License This package is licensed under the MIT License. Thanks Thanks Pawan Deshpande for implementing the Search API. Thanks Matthew Russell for detecting the Profile API related issues. Thanks Horacio Durán for fixing further bugs. Thanks Pintér Gábor for fixing encoding related bugs. Thanks Leon van der Ree for fixing education parsing related bugs. TODO Ne

Facebook-twitter-linkedin-status-update - Facebook, Twitter &amp; Linkedin Status Update

This is an open source php, jquery base application. This applications uses the api of facebook, linkedin and twitter to update user's status. This application will be very helpful to learn fbconnect, facebook extended permission and api to update status, oAuth for twitter and linkedin authentication and also update status. Read the article about this project from

Linkedin-j - A Java wrapper for LinkedIn APIs.

LinkedIn recently opened their API for public access. This project provides a java wrapper to the API. Getting StartedFor a brief introduction of API usage, see Getting Started page. For complete stand-alone examples see Examples Source. Typical OAuth FlowA typical OAuth flow using the library is described in OAuth Flow. Asynchronous APIExamples of using the asynchronous API are described in Asynchronous API. Maven ConfigurationIf you plan to use the library using maven, this page will guide you

Oauth4j - OAuth for Java using Jersey

OAuth4J is a java implementation of OAuth using jersey. Checkout Intro page to know more. Also checkout OAuth4J implementation for LinkedIn @ linja Don't forget to add the below dependencies to your pom <dependency>\t<groupId>com.sun.jersey.contribs.jersey-oauth</groupId>\t<artifactId>oauth-signature</artifactId>\t<version>1.6-ea06</version></dependency><dependency>\t<groupId>com.sun.jersey.contribs.jersey-oauth</groupId>\t<artifactId>oauth-client</artifactId>\t<version>1.6-ea06</version></depen

Pylinkedin - Python LinkedIn API support

IntroductionPyLinkedIn is a simple interface to the LinkedIn OAuth system. Right now it supports fetching all of your "connections" (your contacts) and getting your status. Quick StartA great introduction to using pylinkedin (Thanks to Raymond Yee for providing this): Slightly Less Quick StartDownload Install python oauth from here

omniauth-linkedin - LinkedIn OAuth strategy for OmniAuth 1.0

LinkedIn OAuth strategy for OmniAuth 1.0

Linja - LinkedIn + Java + Jersey + OAuth4J

Java implementation of the LinkedIn API. Uses Jersey & OAuth4J How to use this API?AuthenticationStep 1: Create a consumer OAuth4JConsumer consumer = new OAuth4JConsumer(CONSUMER_KEY,CONSUMER_SECRET); Step 2: Create a service OAuth4JService auth4jService = new OAuth4JService(consumer,LinkedInSP.class,""); Step 3: Get the authentication URL auth4jService.getAuthenticationURL(); Step 4a: Open this URL to get the verification code Step 4b: pass the verification code to the service auth4

Javaopenauth - Java Open Auth

A java simplified library to work with the OAuth of facebook, twitter, google, foursquare, hotmail, linkedin, and myspace services. Getting StartedPlease follow this wiki link GettingStarted Quick StartFor maven usersLast snapshot <dependency> <groupId></groupId> <artifactId>javaopenauth</artifactId> <version>0.2.1-SNAPSHOT</version></dependency>Snapshot repository Demo projectI'm creating a demo project to view this library