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LinkBase is a web application (written in PHP) that helps to manage the Internet bookmarks of an organisation (such as a company, a school...) in a database. There is one link collection for the public and each user can have his private links.



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Xbrlware - A fast, lightweight framework for automation & analysis of XBRL.

Looking for suitable acquirer for xbrlware assets - Click here for more detailsIntroductionxbrlware enables financial firms & analysts to create smarter automated financial analysis, analytics & business intelligence solutions from XBRL financial facts. See case study page for practical examples using xbrlware. xbrlware is a fast, lightweight framework to parse, extract, search & analyze financial and business facts from XBRL documents. xbrlware understands structure and relationship among eleme

XBRL Taxonomy Generator

A set of tools allowing non-specialistic users to build taxonomies for XBRL 2.1 (Extended Business Reporting Language), starting from reports in electronic format. MS Access data entry tool, in italian language. Lbl, Ref, Pres, Calc linkbases. See Docs!

Xbrlware-api -'s RESTful API & Content delivery platform exposes analyzed XBRL reports and data via An application programming interface (API) Web / Social content delivery platforms Twitter Google Buzz Atom/RSS Pubsubhubbub Content sharing via retweet, facebook share, google reader and Others (Myspace, Friendfeed, etc.) This site is the official reference for that functionality. In the documentation page, we discuss in detail about's RESTful API & Content delivery platform. uses xbrlware enterprise e

Indexfirst - A URL-incrementing web crawler with an "index first, ask questions later" phi

The aim of the Indexfirst Project is to create indexfirst, an open source, URL-incrementing web crawler with the following features: Can be invoked with a URL structure containing a mixture of fixed and incrementable parts, e.g. '' would use the backslash pairs to identify which parts to increment ('part1' and 'part2') and would increment them according to rules specified elsewhere. Can be invoked with a starting string for each incrementable part of the URL structure mentioned above, a characte

Interactive-treeview - Interactive Treeview

We’ve all seen and become second-naturedly familiar with the typical DHTML tree-view navigation found in many existing web applications, exemplified by This typical tree-view allows the user to expand and collapse nodes in a practical and familiar, but very limited manner. These traditional tree-views are used primarily for navigation around a website, whether it’s within a navigation sidebar or a site map, which hardly anybody uses. However, in today’s Web 2.0 wo

connect-lrdd - Link-based Resource Descriptor Document (LRDD) middleware for Connect.

Link-based Resource Descriptor Document (LRDD) middleware for Connect.